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1-The MOON & Stars!

2-Winter Kill

3-Deadly Counter-Attack!

4-Angel Of Mercy

5-Love Blooms!

6-Intimate Revelations

7-Season's Greetings

8-Revenge Backfires!

9-A Double Proposal

10-Stacey's Awakening

11-Merry Christmas!

12-Hawaiian Escape

13-Wedding Arrangements

14-Blessings Of Pele - The Fire Goddess!

15-Stacey's Double Rescue

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Moon Madness - 11, Copyrightę 2001-2006 By
Larry K. Hockman, "All RIGHTS RESERVED"

Merry Christmas!

Vince noticed the temperature was dropping rapidly with the waning daylight. The few clouds visible over the trees on the western horizon began to pick up the hues of purple and orange associated with the winter sunsets of the region. Shadows of the ice-laden trees were ever lengthening as he carefully made his way through the snow to the old stump he used for splitting wood. Moon and Crip had left little of the hapless squirrel a short distance from it. He saw them playfully romping in the snow near the deer feeder. For the first time, he noticed the great dead boar hog was gone! He would make it a point to investigate tomorrow. He sat down on the cold stump and called Moon. Crip was close on his heels. The showing proved Stacey has been right. She lacked little in agility, despite the missing leg.

Inside, Anna was wriggling into her green and red Christmas dress as best she could on the bed while Stacey kept watch. Stacey could see Vince talking and pointing. Both cats had granted him their undivided attention. Anna was busy now with her make-up, muttering something about looking like warmed over death. Stacey kept her constantly informed on the situation outside. Anna wished to be done before Vince came back in and especially before the Keslers arrived. They were due at any time.

Anna was finally satisfied with her appearance and had Stacey hold the curtain open just enough for her to steal a peek, too. Curiously, Moon sniffed eagerly at Vince's pocket. Stacey told Anna she couldn't tell what was going on outside, but she was starting to get an awfully good feeling inside. Anna agreed with, "I know. Both cats are very peaceful and I can tell by the way Vince is moving that he is extremely pleased with something." Her analytical mind retraced the previous days, scanning for some clue. His timely rebuff of her statement, "All will be revealed on Christmas Eve" popped up repeatedly, making her wonder all the more.

Stacey reached for her oversized purse to get her camera. She told Anna the scene would make a fine Christmas picture. Anna agreed. She centered the trio in the viewfinder about the time Moon and Crip jumped simultaneously into Vince's outstretched arms. She snapped two photos as fast as the camera would work before bursting out laughing when Vince and the cats all tumbled from the stump backwards into the snow. Undaunted, Vince laughed, too, brushing cold snow from the back of his collar while watching Crip and Moon trying to get it out of their whiskers. His cast still rested atop the old stump at a rather odd angle.

Stacey snapped one last picture before telling Anna that she should go help him up. Anna stopped her short with, "Not on your life, Stacey. This falls under one of those "man" things! They would all be embarrassed if you went out. Hide the pictures for later and try to keep a straight face when they come in. Better yet, sneak off in the bathroom and wrap them up in my perfume box and put it under the tree as a gag gift from us girls."

Vince cleverly used the stump for leverage to get back on his feet. Slightly out of breath, he eased back to the door. He didn't try to retrieve his pack of cigarettes from the snow. Moon and Crip beat him back inside through Moon's door. Stacey was back in the bathroom.

Vince wanted Stacey there when he proposed to Anna and asked where she was. She smiled and told him that nature called. The immediate crisis appeared to be over for the time being. He wished she would hurry while his plan was fresh and his courage mustered up. Anna noticed the mischievous sparkle in his eyes while he nervously waited on Stacey's return.

Vince's immediate plans were foiled by the sound of tire chains proceeding up the driveway. Since Stacey hadn't yet returned, he prepared to answer the door.

Christmas greetings were being exchanged by Vince with the Keslers and Stacey seized the opportunity to slyly slip the gift under the tree before Vince introduced her. Afterward, she helped Ray unload the food and gifts from their car while Anna and Mrs. Kesler caught up on visiting time missed during her stay at the hospital.

Danny enjoyed the playful company of Moon and Crip. He was as fascinated with Crip's appearance as he had been with Moon's. He was clearly cured of his fear of animals. His mother was delighted with his progress since his first meeting with Moon.

Stacey earned her keep during the following hour. Utilizing her nursing efficiency skills, she soon had the meal organized to enable everyone to dine comfortably between the kitchen and the den. Danny took an immediate liking to her, also, asking countless questions concerning the absence of Crip's hind leg. She explained the situation very tactfully to avoid causing a relapse of his previous condition. Vince and Anna were proud of her finesse with the child. She proved to be a most competent hostess.

The Keslers had prepared an excellent dinner just as they had promised. They had brought much more than the group could possibly have eaten at one sitting. Mrs. Kesler explained that they wanted to help out any way they could. They would be able to get by without cooking the next day if they so desired. Stacey promised to return the containers at the first opportunity. Ray told her they were in no hurry to get them back. Mrs. Kesler helped Stacey clear the dishes. Ray put on some Christmas background music on Vince's stereo. Anna's every need was taken care of by some volunteer. Every now and then, Stacey would take another picture to add to the growing collection on the mantle.

A pitcher of spicy eggnog was shared by the women. Ray and Vince opted for a brandy. Ray wisely commented that he only wanted one early in the evening since he would be driving on the glazed roadways later that night.

Before long, Danny convinced the group that it was time to open gifts. Another log was added to the fireplace. Stacey was unanimously elected to play Santa for the evening. Vince only had one rule. She was to open the gift from Anna and himself first. It was purposely not marked with her name so she wouldn't find it till now. She was veritably bubbling with anticipation when Anna told her it was the large one in gold paper with double silver bows. Vince mentioned that she might ought to just slide it across the floor since it could be fragile.

Stacey removed the pretty bows carefully, placing them on the coffee table. She was a little nervous knowing she was the center of attention. Anna told her not to be bashful and get on with it. Vince said to go for it because she would be needing it later. He also offered his pocket knife to help. Stacey tore the paper just enough to realize part of the contents. She wasted no time with the rest as her excitement rose with each successive discovery of all the accessories. She felt like she was on top of the world.

Stacey hugged Anna and Vince several times each and asked them how she could ever repay their kindness. Anna told her to learn how to use it efficiently. Vince added that she had a five minute time limit! Everyone but Danny, was patient while Anna showed her how to load the film and set the focus on automatic for the sake of saving time. All she had to do was wait a few seconds for the flash to recharge before taking the next shot. She tested the flash on Moon and Crip, curled up head-to-head on the warm hearth.

Danny's sled was selected next, along with several gifts from his parents to keep him busy. Stacey handed Ray and his wife the gifts from Anna and Vince. Vince had no idea what they were, but Anna had added his name also, because she now counted them as a couple. Her choice this year had been matching, his and hers watches. The Keslers were quite pleased with the expensive timepieces. Anna had thoughtfully tried to match the design of their wedding bands.

Stacey presented her gifts to Anna and Vince next. Anna's was a decorator bottle of the famed Chanel #5 because Vince had mentioned in casual conversation that he adored the fragrance. She artfully dabbed some behind her ears and slyly added a spot to the cleavage at the low neckline of her dress. Vince caught the move and playfully swooned, landing his head gently in her lap. Quick on the shutter, Stacey captured it all on film with the new camera hanging from her neck. She had given Vince a stag-handled hunting knife with a diamond dust hone built into the scabbard. Again, hugs and kisses were exchanged in gratitude.

Moon and Crip's gifts were opened by Anna, Vince and Stacey. Stacey had gotten Crip a new collar, too, thinking she might have to get a leash for the trip to Florida. After having their collars put on, both cats promptly squeezed into the comfort of the new basket from Anna, overhanging the edges slightly. Stacey added another shot to the roll of film, then instantly got very quiet and still, the memory of the day's previous dilemma casting an ominous shadow over her jolly Christmas spirit. The spell affected Anna equally as she watched Stacey slowly stroke Crip first, then Moon. Nobody noticed that Vince had not given Anna his gift yet, not even her. His timing was perfect.

Vince could stand it no longer. He downed the remainder of the brandy in his glass and stood up. The Keslers had no idea what had transpired earlier. Vince cleared his throat, addressing his words to Anna and Stacey jointly, "Before you two lovely ladies get all depressed again, there is something I think you ought to be aware of. First off, this happens to be Christmas Eve, and everyone is supposed to be full of love, joy, and happiness! Secondly, regardless of how much information your finely-tuned female intuitions provide you with, sometimes, things are not always as they seem." Vince had definitely corralled everyone's attention. His voice softened as he continued, "Stacey, would you please do me the honor of retrieving the box from beneath my pillow in the bedroom?" She managed to stammer, "Yes Sir. Right away." She was gone only a few seconds and reappeared with the box, handing it to him and quickly sitting back down.

Thinking she had made Vince angry, Anna was on the verge of tears. Vince picked up her left hand very gently, asking her to please close her eyes because he wasn't sure he could say what he wanted to if she was watching him. Anna complied and bowed her head, quite sure that she had destroyed the Christmas spirit for Vince. He awkwardly pushed the coffee table far enough from her bed to allow him to use it for support as he pushed the cast on his leg underneath it in a painful effort to kneel on his good knee. Accomplishing that part, he dug the brilliant engagement ring from his pocket. Stacey gasped involuntarily as Vince started his proposal after lightly touching Anna's hand with his lips, "Anna, you know that I have loved you since the first time I saw you asleep after you saved my life. I'm going to put a box in your right hand. I think you can probably guess what I'm putting on your left hand. All that I ask is that you don't open the box if you don't think I can have a cabin in Texas, you can have one in Maine, and we can have one together in Florida, because I never want it back once you accept it."

Vince could feel Anna's hand trembling when she opened her eyes to behold the ultimate symbol of his love upon her finger. Their eyes met in a single movement, forever bonded by the insight of poetic love and sealed with a burning kiss of passion. Anna had the box opened before their lips parted, holding it aloft so all might witness her decision. The fear had changed to joyous tears of laughter and merriment. Stacey cried with the same glad tidings as all congratulated the ecstatically happy couple and joined in a toast to Anna from Vince wherein he stated very simply, "Merry Christmas, Babe!"

Anna reached into her purse beside the bed and handed Vince a red, green, and gold envelope bordered with silver holly leaves embossed into the paper. A small bow of thin red ribbon was tied around its girth. She returned the simple phrase, "Merry Christmas, Babe!"

Vince sat on the edge of her bed and slipped his new knife blade skillfully through the top seal. Inside was a card covered with a collage of various forms of wildlife, each in its unique, natural setting. Unconsciously, Anna lightly dragged her nails up and down his back while he silently read its message. A broad grin crossed his features and he turned to affectionately kiss her in genuine gratitude.

Everyone begged Vince to read the mystery card aloud. Bubbling with hunter's pride, he obliged them, "Dear Mr. Casey, We at Trophy Mounts Inc. sincerely hope that you are enjoying this wonderful Christmas Eve. It is unfortunately regretful, due to the quality and exacting standards rightfully demanded by the many fine sportsmen across the area, that we are unable to have your phenomenal trophy whitetail mount finished by this date. However, it is with great pleasure that I have been privileged to inform you that the Boone & Crocket Record Book representatives have unofficially scored the head and feel quite certain it will rank among the top entries the State of Texas has ever produced! A drying period will be required before the official scoring will be published. Let me personally add that I have seen literally thousands of trophy-sized deer come through our facilities. This one is by far the best I have witnessed. Typical whitetails carrying racks of this size, spread, mass, and symmetry are truly rare and magnificent. Should you have any post-kill regrets over the death of this great monarch, fret not! The Texas Parks & Wildlife biologists have also examined the head and instructed me to tell you that he was a buck of extreme age for his species and probably would not have survived the harsh winter of the present year. You will be receiving an official letter of their report in the near future. Once again, I personally extend my apologies but want to congratulate you on bagging such a fine specimen. I will notify you myself, when delivery is possible. Sincerely, Robert L. Donovan, President.

An excited Stacey jumped up from the couch, shaking a defiant fist skyward, and blurted, "All right! A possible state record for Mr. InVINCible! Speech, please." Everyone else clapped their hands in total agreement.

Vince asked Stacey to pour a round of drinks for everyone, as his speech would be in the form of a traditional toast. She even set a small bowl of eggnog in front of Moon and Crip, now sitting side by side on the hearth in front of the red embers in the fireplace.

Stacey politely extended her hand to help Vince up from the couch. He graciously accepted her offer and took a small sip to wet his throat before raising his glass toward the Kesler family, "First, I would like to thank Ray and his lovely family for sending Miss Anna Marie Fontain in my direction. She has saved my life, and profoundly changed it forever by freely offering her love, wisdom and unprecedented beauty in the form of soon becoming the first Mrs. Vince Casey. Secondly, I thank my loyal friend and companion, Master Moon, whom has also saved my life and played a key role in getting Miss Fontain's attention through his celebrity status with the media. He is the real hunter in this family. His acute feline senses and instincts cannot be rivaled by any human who stalks the woods. I would have never known the deer was out there had he not awakened me. Thanks, Ol' Buddy, and I might add, congratulations on your fine choice of ladies as well. What I wish to say to Anna is strictly for her ears only, but I will thank her for allowing me to be the extremely proud object of her unique affections. Finally, I thank an equally lovely Miss Stacey Holden, who shares a strange finesse toward the felines of the world with Anna. I'm sure that some day, you will no doubt be her successor in the powerful executive world, have men groveling at your feet, and through the course of it all, provide Anna and myself a little bit of private time together. Cheers to you all!"

Vince emptied his glass. Moon gently crowded Crip around their bowl out of the line of fire. He had not forgotten the tradition. Vince shattered his glass with a funnel of alcohol-fueled, loose sparks rising on the thermal current out the chimney. Everyone followed his lead. Moon showed Crip his back kick version, amazing the lot of them.

The warm fellowship which followed exceeded the midnight hour. The Keslers were not satisfied until they had heard all of the details concerning the events leading up to this marvelous Christmas Eve which had altered so many lives.

Anna revealed that the blood samples from Moon she had sent to the foundation for genetic analysis proved that Moon's father was a full-blood Canadian lynx which had escaped from the local zoo four years prior. Its age records showed that the possibility existed that he still roamed the woods somewhere in the region. No reports of the death of an oversized cat existed in the county, but several strange sightings and unexplained footprints reported near livestock kills suggested that he might have been injured during his escape or perhaps, hit by some vehicle or wounded by a hunter. If that was the case, he would naturally turn to easy catches of livestock rather than starve, because he could no longer hunt in his normal capacity and survival instinct would prevail.

Exposed also were the pictures of Vince and the cats rolling backwards off the stump. Everyone had a good laugh when Stacey and Anna accused the trio of trying to make "snow angels."

Exhausted from the excitement, Danny fell asleep on the floor beside the cats long before the farewells had been said and the Kesler's car had been loaded. Ray scooped him up while Stacey opened the door for him and bid their family a safe trip home.

Anna, Vince, and Stacey chatted about the evening for another half hour while the combination of wrapping paper, ribbon, and several new splits of fragrant hickory escalated to flames, in a final effort to keep the chill of winter at bay in the cabin.

Vince told Stacey she could have the couch or the small spare bedroom between his and the kitchen, whichever she preferred. She told them she would like the couch for that night so she could watch the fire and see the lights on the tree. Vince looked at Anna with a grin and replied that he understood perfectly. He remarked that she would probably have to put up with Moon's company as well, since he appeared to be quite comfortable curled up beside his new lady friend. Stacey assured him that Moon was more than welcome to sleep with her because that was where Crip usually piled up. Vince told her where he kept sheets, quilts, blankets, and pillows. She asked Anna what side of Vince's bed she wanted the pulley system rigged up on. Anna told her not to worry about it until tomorrow. She would elevate the foot on pillows for the night. Stacey said it would probably suffice for the night, but Dr. Allman had been very firm on her instructions during the next few days. The elevation factor would not be critical to the healing process after that period although it might still help to ease the throbbing somewhat. She also told her that the pain medication the doctor had sent home with her contained a light sedative to help her rest. He specified that Anna take one every night for a week; however, due to the fact that she'd had several drinks tonight, she could skip tonight and get on the total regimen tomorrow. With joking sarcasm, Anna replied, "Thank you, Dr. Holden. As one professional to another, I appreciate your concern. I trust this one little transgression will be kept confidential." Stacey nodded with a smile and unlocked the wheels of the bed. A minute later she had Anna in the bed and proceeded to prop up the foot with pillows. Before she left, she asked if there was anything else she could get or do for her. Anna dug in her purse for her keys and told her to get the large box out of her truck and put it under the tree for Vince after he came to the bedroom. She assured her she would, stashing the keys in the same pocket that held Vince's. He had already approached her to accomplish the same thing with the ski suit. She was unaware that Vince had slipped her gift under the tree as well. He was headed down the hall about the time she got out of the bathroom and told Anna good-night. He told her the same as they passed in the hall.

All was silent after the front door eased shut. Vince figured Anna would think Stacey merely went outside for a breath of fresh air before going to bed. Anna was completely nude when he slid into bed and snuggled up next to her! Her only explanation was, "Surprise!"

The entire household slept peacefully during the first few daylight hours. Vince was awakened by Moon, followed closely by Crip, sneaking out his private entrance. Vince chuckled silently to himself, thinking that Moon was about to give Crip the grand tour of his territory. Before he drifted back into sleep, Stacey also came sneaking through on her way to the bathroom. He feigned sleep, thinking she was just passing through. He kept up the act when she emerged from the bathroom, only she never left. She was whispering in Anna's ear, evidently trying to wake her without waking him. He felt Anna stir. Stacey was apologizing for waking her and asked what setting on her camera she should use with the telephoto lens. He almost started laughing when Anna asked her if she truly thought this was the best time for a crash photography lesson!

Through the muffled whispers, Vince caught something about Moon, Crip, deer and the feeder. The next thing he knew, Anna was sliding out of bed, had grabbed his crutches, and was heading down the hall with Stacey at her heels. He looked out the window to find a fine 6-point buck and three does eating corn beneath the feeder. He grabbed the binoculars from his night-stand drawer and checked out the buck, half expecting his rifle to sound off any second since Anna had not used the tag on her hunting license. He was amazed that the buck had the same tiny identical spur, the start of an odd point which never developed, in the same place, on the same left beam, and on an oversized rack for the deer's size as his buck had. Suddenly, he realized that this was one of his buck's offspring! He was beginning to understand Anna's obsession with genetics. Much could be learned. She had proven that fact by finding out who Moon's father was. At this point, he knew he was way behind her. She did not intend to kill it. Her interests lay in the benefits of science in this case, so he knew there must be something he had not seen. He was not surprised. Scanning with the glasses, he spotted the cats.

Moon and Crip were stalking the deer as a team! He watched intensely as Crip circled downwind while Moon lay patiently in the blind spot created by a convenient tree. They had somehow surmised which was best suited for each part of the effort and had initiated their plan from that perspective. The cats displayed initiative relative to that of lions, but they failed in their effort simply from the size factor. A full-grown deer proved impossible for a single cat of Moon's size to drag down. Nonetheless, the hapless doe would have scars to remind her to never drop her guard. In Vince's opinion, one more cat would have insured a kill. They had given it their best shot and he was proud. It was obvious from the excited voices coming from the den that the women were extremely pleased with the cats' efforts, too. Stacey had filmed the entire sequence on two rolls of film with Anna's help. Vince did not comprehend the magnitude of the situation until he put on his robe and hobbled down the hall, sans crutches.

Anna was excitedly explaining to Stacey the significance of the discovery. She suspected the "pride" instinct to be a genetically inherent trait, merely latent in most of the feline population worldwide. She told Stacey the behavior sequence they had just witnessed would become their special project. Should they discover the trigger mechanism and have substantial proof to support their find, scientists the world over would recognize that genetics played a much larger role in the behavior of animals and possibly humans than was previously thought.

Vince asked Anna if she had noticed the spur on the buck's rack. She told him that they had not filmed the animals close enough to show a detail of that sort in order to get both sets of animals in the picture. Stacey said she had seen it before they backed off the telephoto. She had even snapped a picture of the buck's head but wasn't sure if she had the camera set and focused properly. Anna questioned him about the spur and he told her about the one on his buck's rack in precisely the same spot. She replied that the pictures would prove his hypothesis if they came out clear. Stacey could have them developed the next day when everything opened back up.

Stacey got up to put on some coffee. Anna commented that Santa must have visited in the night. Stacey informed them that she had seen nothing.

Vince added several splits of seasoned oak to the fire as Stacey brought the steaming mugs of coffee from the kitchen and got the gifts from under the tree. She was surprised to find that Santa had paid her a visit as well. In short order, they had opened them with another round of hugs and kisses.

Dr. Allman called shortly thereafter to wish them a Merry Christmas and offer his and Liz's congratulations on the engagement. Anna inquired as to how they knew of it. Vince explained about the ring and Liz at the office.

Stacey's mother called next, very excited, and asked her daughter if they had seen the morning edition of the newspaper. She replied they had not and her mother went on to explain that Stacey had become an overnight celebrity! In fact, the first entire section of the morning edition was devoted solely to Vince, Anna, Moon, Crip, and herself. Her phone had been ringing all morning with calls from curious friends, both hers and Stacey's, wishing them well and offering congratulations. Vince fortunately enjoyed the privacy afforded by an unlisted number. Her mother excused herself momentarily to answer her doorbell. Stacey took the opportunity to relay the information to Vince and Anna. She did not understand their perplexed looks concerning the news. Her mother's attitude had changed abruptly when she returned to the phone. She informed her daughter that several people from various radio and TV stations were all asking of her whereabouts, each seeking exclusive interviews! More were arriving as she spoke. Stacey pleaded, "Mom, I love you and I wouldn't normally ask you to lie for me, but please don't tell them where I'm at. They will find out soon enough. I doubt if Vince and Anna relish the idea of fighting the press on Christmas Day. Personally, I'm not too keen on it, myself. I was thoroughly enjoying the mood of a country Christmas." Her mother promised to stall them if she could. Stacey replied, "Thanks Mom. I knew I could count on you. Oh, I almost forgot. I was going to give you my car for Christmas. The title is already signed over to you in the glovebox, and the keys are hanging where Daddy used to leave his. Merry Christmas, Mom. Don't worry, I'll be in touch." She hung the phone up and turned to Vince and Anna with an apologetic look.

Anna was the first to inquire in a polite, business-like tone, "What's the bottom line of the situation in your professional opinion, Miss Holden?" Stacey slid smoothly into an executive objective reply, "In light of the information I have just received, I feel it is my duty to let you know that we have only a short time before the majority of the local press members roll up the driveway in a journalistic effort to be the first to get an exclusive interview with the lot of us to satisfy the public's insatiable curiosity at the expense of ruining our quiet, cozy Christmas. They are currently at my mother's house. I estimate we have less than an hour before they obtain our location and can navigate the icy roads to get here. The only options I can see in the interest of everyone's privacy and well-being would be either to appear not to be here when they arrive, or actually to be gone. I suggest the second choice on the grounds that I do not think the press will give up that easily." Anna told Stacey her assessment was excellent and turned to Vince. He added, "I'm in total agreement with Miss Holden. I'm reasonably sure that you are, too, so we might as well decide on where we are going to alleviate the immediate situation and how we are going to get there. We can decide everything else on the way." Anna stated a simple "Agreed" and fell silent for a second. Vince could tell from her lack of expression that she was correlating the possibilities in her mind to formulate the best plan of action in lieu of time. Abruptly, she spoke while digging in her purse, "Stacey, crank up my truck so it can be warming. We can take it to the airport, since it is a rental and has to be turned in, anyway. Vince can be packing a few things to tide him over. Most of my things are still packed and so are yours. Be sure you don't forget your camera. Anything else we need, we can buy along the way. I'm going to change clothes for traveling and Vince or myself will round up the cats. She pitched the keys to Stacey. She grinned and said, "I just love spontaneous adventure!" Her life would seem as one continuous adventure from that point onward.

Stacey spent the next fifteen minutes loading the truck, carefully arranging the luggage to ensure a place for the folding wheelchair which Anna would have to take for mobility. She decided to call Dr. Allman from the airport to inform him of their decision to leave. The situation would sound better if he informed the hospital. She wondered how Anna and Vince had gotten the cats to come in from their foray into the woods when they hadn't been outside yet to call them. Anna was about to hang up the phone when she finished loading and went back inside. Her last words were, "Have Andy and Rex both on standby when we get there." She asked Stacey if everything was loaded. She told her all except her and Vince. He was in the bathroom shaving. Stacey asked Anna if she needed to change clothes, too. She had hurriedly put back on the same outfit from the previous evening. Anna said she looked fine although she might want to do a once-over with her make-up. She was through before Vince got on his modified traveling clothes.

The cats needed no coaxing to board the truck. Moon had always loved to ride and Crip obediently followed his lead. Stacey helped Anna stretch out on the back seat, stowing the chair in the vacant spot behind it. Crip curled up in her lap while Moon moved to the front between Stacey and Vince. Stacey was to drive. She ran back in to lock up and reactivate the central heat. Anna turned for a last glance at the cabin on their way out the driveway. Five miles had passed on the main highway to town when they silently slipped by a caravan of at least ten press vehicles heading toward the cabin. They all smiled and waved, hoping that none had recognized them. Vince directed Stacey down a shortcut to the airport, off the main highway. The remainder of the trip was without incident.


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