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1-The MOON & Stars!

2-Winter Kill

3-Deadly Counter-Attack!

4-Angel Of Mercy

5-Love Blooms!

6-Intimate Revelations

7-Season's Greetings

8-Revenge Backfires!

9-A Double Proposal

10-Stacey's Awakening

11-Merry Christmas!

12-Hawaiian Escape

13-Wedding Arrangements

14-Blessings Of Pele - The Fire Goddess!

15-Stacey's Double Rescue

16-Vince's Cabin Explodes!

17-Damage Survey, Then Florida Bound

18-Settling In New Surroundings

19-Midnight Beach Liaison

20-Another Explosion!/Altered Plans

21-Stacey's Debut

22-Poisoned Kittens!

23-Moon Kills A Student And Vanishes!

24-Stacey Initiates The FBI

25-New Evidence

26-Vindication Of The Madness!

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Moon Madness - 19, Copyrightę 2001-2006 By
Larry K. Hockman, "All RIGHTS RESERVED"

Midnight Beach Liaison!

Vince and Moon waited in silent anticipation of the day to come. They had gotten used to the familiar smell of the coastal salt air wafting on the tidal breeze. Vince pulled a last heavy draw on his cigarette as Andy's headlights turned into the driveway. Moon jumped across the steps to greet his friend as soon as the car stopped. Andy opened the door for him saying, "What's happenin', Moon? You ready to fly back to Texas?" Moon meowed an eager reply. Vince climbed into the back seat with Moon since Earl occupied the front. They chatted casually on the way to the airport, Vince clarifying Andy's rather vague remembrance of the directions to the local zoo.

Andy and Earl checked out the Horizon while Vince and Moon procured steaming hot coffee from the flight tower. The sleek jet idled a low moan as he and Moon boarded. The men enjoyed their morning boost while the Horizon warmed to operating temperature.

A high-altitude sunrise greeted them with hues of orange and violet christened with a tinge of bright yellow. It disappeared momentarily when Andy nosed the jet down a couple of thousand feet to fly under the patchy clouds harboring a layer of upper level turbulence. The jet outran the sunrise for another fifteen minutes on its westward quest for Texas before the blackness of the Gulf waters below reflected the golden rays of the sun from the cresting wavetops.

Moon slept peacefully during the remainder of the flight while Vince, Andy, and Earl reminisced of their adventure in Hawaii. Before the crew landed, they had planned a family deep-sea fishing trip for the first week-end they could arrange for everyone and their families to get together at the same time.

The final approach to the small airport took the plane over wave upon wave of pastel pink country-side fields. Curious, Andy asked Vince what they were. With Texas flair, he replied, "Peaches. The growers got lucky this year. I figured a late freeze would wipe them out this year."

Andy landed the nimble jet so lightly that Moon did not awaken until the hatch was opened. He then immediately jumped up as his sensitive nostrils filled with the familiar smells he associated with his pine-laden East Texas country heritage. He jumped from the jet with renewed gusto to quickly test the wind in each direction. Vince laughed, "Smells like home, does it not, Ole Buddy?" Moon meowed his acknowledgment on the way to the restaurant for breakfast while the Horizon was being refueled and put in a hangar. Andy rented a car so he and Earl could do some sight-seeing before they went back. They would drop off Vince and Moon to pick up his truck at the state park before they proceeded to the zoo.

Vince's park buddies welcomed him with open arms. Moon received his just due of attention as well. Vince introduced Andy and Earl to his former troop of rangers. Several asked him to reconsider his resignation from the park service. Vince thanked them for their loyalty, but respectfully declined, explaining that he had only stopped in to get his truck. He drove Earl and Andy on a grand tour of the park after a round of sincere handshaking at the end of his farewell speech. Finally, he had gazed around one last time stating, "Moon and I are gonna miss you guys and this park. We had a lot of good times here."

Vince's truck was running smoothly after the warm-up jaunt around the park. Fortunately, it had been in the park maintenance shop for a tune-up when the cabin had been destroyed. He waved to the pilots as they turned onto the loop in the direction of the zoo. He and Moon headed in the opposite direction toward the sporting goods store on the south side of town. He intended to pick out his new rifle and collect his prize money from the buck contest before they started back. He would also pick up his and Anna's mounts at the taxidermist shop if they were ready.

Vince left Moon in the truck at the store. He was fairly sure of the rifle he wanted. He only needed to see if they had one in stock. He was directed to the store manager by a young sales lady in the sporting goods department. When Vince told him who he was, the man congratulated him warmly. He also requested that Vince pose for a picture with the new 7MM magnum he had won alongside his buck's striking head mount. The store had placed his mount on display ever since the taxidermist had finished it. Anna's boar mount was next to it with a short news article explaining the entire ordeal! Vince posed proudly between the trophies, and signed several forms while store personnel loaded the mounts onto a cart destined for his truck. As a last gesture, the man handed Vince his prize check, two boxes of premium hunting loads for the rifle, and shook his hand, urging him to enter next year's contest when the season arrived. Vince thanked him and left, cradling the box with his new magnum in the crook of his elbow. A couple of store employees carted out the trophy mounts to his truck.

Vince opened the door to the truck on Moon's side to put the gun behind the seat. Moon jumped out to stretch his legs. He spotted the old blind boar's head on his way to the pavement, hissing and arching his back in a startled attack posture at the untimely sight of his old enemy. It took Vince several minutes to convince Moon that the boar posed them no threat. He finally covered the head with a tarp so the menacing growl in Moon's throat would subside. Even at that, Moon looked out the back window several times in the next few miles, half expecting the hog to come back to life and viciously attack them from the rear once again. He was back to normal by the time Vince stopped near the edge of town to gas up and check the oil on the way to the interstate highway.

Vince picked out a variety of sandwiches and chips and a can of processed ham for Moon to munch on along the way. He wished to make good time during the first leg of their journey and decided they would not stop until suppertime except to relieve themselves. He buckled his seatbelt, popped in one of his favorite Led Zeppelin cassettes, and pulled onto the entrance ramp, his thoughts reminding him sharply of the many miles between him and Anna. He melted into the traffic easily, setting the cruise control as high as he dared to avoid being cited for speeding. Even so, other cars passed him constantly and he speeded up more just to stay with the main flow of traffic.

The miles passed quickly. Vince replaced the first tape with an Eric Clapton album when they crossed the Red River into Louisiana. They were making excellent progress. Moon was content to simply sit up in the seat and watch the scenery slip by to the steady stream of vintage rock-n-roll. He had developed quite a fondness for Vince's music. Some songs made his ears twitch in perfect time with the beat of the tune. Vince had often wondered whether his faithful companion was doing it on purpose or involuntarily.

The pair neared the Mississippi River before they realized it. Moon shifted his front feet to the dashboard when a nice buck, followed by two big does and a yearling broke the cover of the woods to dart fleetingly across the highway in front of them. Vince instinctively touched the brake and released the cruise control in case the deer changed their mind in the middle of the road as he knew them to do often. The interruption reminded him to stop at the next service station so he and Moon could go to the rest room. He would go ahead and fill the tank back up to avoid another stop in Mississippi.

Vince and Moon ate while the station attendant admired the trophies in the bed of the truck. Vince was aptly surprised when the man told him the story of his, Anna's, and Moon's ordeal had come out in the local paper. The man even wanted a picture of them, and, Vince's autograph for his wife! He gave Vince his name and address before they left, inviting them back for a hunting trip if they ever had time.

The old bridge was visible as they crossed the wide expanse of the mighty Mississippi River. Moon watched intently while an old paddleboat steamer cruised beneath them, emerging back into view to the north on its upstream voyage. The terrain changed abruptly on the far side, going to broken, wooded hills. The travelers welcomed the change of scenery between Vicksburg and Jackson. There, they turned south, angling toward the coast for several hours.

The light was fading amidst the tall timber of southern Mississippi when Vince reached for the headlight switch. His stomach was growling and he knew Moon must be getting hungry as well. A small steakhouse came up on the right. Vince wheeled in. He told Moon to stretch his legs while he went in to get them something to eat. Moon sniffed the air tentatively as Vince walked stiff-legged towards the rustic door, telling Moon he would be right back.

Vince ordered a big medium-cooked T-bone steak dinner with a baked potato for himself and had them add a second rare steak for Moon. The waitress made a polite comment that Vince must be from Texas with an appetite that big. Vince chuckled and watched her reaction when he informed her that the statement was partially true but the other steak was for his cat. The lady simply shook her head mumbling something in a pronounced accent to the effect that she would never understand how eccentric Texans' pets ate better than she did! Vince only smiled, adding a good tip with his payment.

Moon was nowhere in sight when Vince got to his truck. He set the food on the seat, walking around the truck calling for him. A muffled squeal coming from the direction of a stack of seasoned, split hickory firewood caught his attention. He strained in the final light of dusk to see Moon trotting from the shadows with a fat wood rat dangling limp and lifeless from his overly efficient jaws. He stopped at Vince's boot. Vince stooped to rub his ears, apologizing, "Sorry, Moon. I didn't realize you were hungry enough to feel the need for a fresh meat appetizer. You're gonna have to eat him outside. You can eat your steak on the way. I'll leave your door open so we both have some light. Jump on in when you're through. I'm gonna eat right here in the parking lot."

Moon polished off the rat almost before Vince finished pouring him a bowl of water from the plastic jug in his tool box. He took a long drink and jumped up on the seat where Vince had opened up the styrofoam box containing his steak. Vince was busy cutting his up and salting his baked spud. Moon did not wait for him to get started, savoring the bloody juice from the seared meat with the inborn gusto of a natural predator as he lapped it up before tearing into the steaming meat. They were both famished and ate every scrap in the boxes, Moon licking the juice from Vince's when he finished. Vince commented, "Damn. They cook a pretty mean steak in this part of the country, huh, Moon?" Moon meowed his approval between licks of the bases of his long whiskers.

Vince glanced at his watch. He turned back to Moon, "Get you another drink if you want it, Moon. We've made good time so far. We might make it a couple of hours earlier than we planned and relax a little before Anna gets there." Vince noticed Moon's ears turret towards him at the mention of Anna's name. He reached to gently stroke the fur on his back, "You miss her, too, don't you?" Moon stopped lapping at the water to meow his answer.

Vince went around to Moon's side, poured out the remaining water, and shut the door. Climbing back into the truck he reached for the map, quickly scanning the proposed route to see where the next turn would occur. Satisfied, he stuck it out of the way over the visor, cranked the truck, and pulled back onto the highway.

Moon was content to meticulously lick himself clean during the next thirty miles. Vince tried several of his tapes before finally turning on the radio instead. Moon snuggled up next to his thigh and slept all the way to the entrance of the tilelined, lighted tunnel taking them underneath the Mobile Bay, halfway across Alabama. From there, they angled southeast toward Pensacola, Florida, making even better time with the decreased traffic on the highway after dark. Although little could be seen when they crossed the state line into Florida, the smell of the gulf salt air was increasingly evident. Vince welcomed it over the heavy, earthy smell of the humid Alabama forests. His thoughts shifted to Anna in acute anticipation of the forthcoming night with her and subconsciously increased his speed slightly. Nobody seemed to notice except a bored Florida State Trooper working the lonely stretch of highway. Vince pulled over in the glare of flashing red and blue lights in the rear-view mirror.

Vince waited patiently for the officer to walk up alongside the truck before he took off his seatbelt to get out. He was reaching for his license before the trooper even asked for it. The cop took it, telling him to stay where he was and went back to his car in silence. In a minute, he returned, calling Vince by name, "Mr. Casey, is there any emergency to justify the speed in which you were driving?" Vince replied a simple "No sir." The officer peered inside the truck with his flashlight, only to be greeted by the sight of Moon's hulking shape stretching on the seat. He caught his breath and took a step backwards, exclaiming under his breath, "Damn, that's a big cat!" With license in hand, he turned back to Vince, "Is there any remote possibility that might be the famous "Moon" and you're the guy whose house got blown up?" Vince nodded, "One and the same, Officer."

The man's entire legal attitude abruptly changed to one of admiration, "Dad gummit, Mr. Casey! My little girl is a great fan of Mister Moon in there! She keeps up with every article written about him. You must be married to that, Dr. Fontain lady from the institute down south, huh? The uh, Blond Bombshell's boss lady, you know the looker that drives that bad-ass pink Camaro?" Vince nodded, "Right again, Officer."

Vince felt the tension of the situation relinquish itself in the conversation of the trooper. He was agast that he had the good fortune of stopping someone he deemed to be a noteworthy celebrity. He slapped his knee and continued, "You know that pretty li'l Texas gal cost me the Street Modified class trophy this year! Smoked the tires an' still caught an' passed me! I tell you what Mr. Casey. That li'l cute gal's got one helluva car and a personality to match that figure of hers! You want to know what she told me when I asked her how she managed to pull off that win? She just tossed that pretty blond mane over her shoulder, winked at me an' said, "Well sir, it just wouldn't be fittin' for a well-bred southern gal such as myself to be chasin' the law now, would it?" He slapped his thigh again and started laughing, "Can you believe that? Is that high class or what?" Between chuckles, he handed Vince his license back continuing, "Mr. Casy, I'm not going to give you a citation tonight. I figure you're bound to have some good reason for bein' in such a hurry with the company you keep. Instead, I just want you to deliver a message to Miss Stacey. You tell her that ol' Ted the trooper is gonna beat her next year and he jus' wanted to let her know in advance! You an' Mister Moon have a nice trip now. Jus' slow her down a bit!" He slapped his leg a third time on the way back to his car, "I'll just be damned! My little Geena ain't never gonna believe I got to meet Mr. Vince Casey hisself and the famous Mister Moon."

Before Vince could regain his composure, the trooper had thrown his car into gear and nailed the throttle, leaving Vince's truck in the aftermath of a cloud of dust and gravel as he pulled a U-turn and headed back in the direction he had come. Vince could still hear the trooper's engine straining for more speed as he disappeared into the darkness over the crest of the hill. Vince shook his head in disbelief, addressing Moon, "Looks like our good reputation got us out of that one, Moon!"

The altercation had cost them a quarter hour by Vince's watch. He reset the cruise to a more tolerable speed in the local law's eyes and steered the truck in the direction of Santa Rosa Island. By his calculations, they should still arrive at the motel two full hours before Anna was to get there.

Sand dunes dotted with signs warning passers-by not to pick the sea oats lined the sides of the highway during the last few miles to the bridge going over the bay to the island. Moon stood up in the seat when all evidence of solid land disappeared beneath the railings bordering the road. The night was bright from the moon glimmering on the dark waters below them, and the glow of civilization could be seen on the horizon ahead lending a friendly feeling to the remote bay scenario. Vince told Moon they were almost there. He drove straight ahead as Vera had instructed, turning left when the road T'd at the white sand beach separating the gulf waters from the island. Their motel was on the right scarcely a quarter mile down the beach. Vince pulled up beside the office and left Moon in the truck while he went in to register. As Vera had promised, their room was on the backside overlooking the ocean from the second floor. Vince parked the truck and went up to unlock the room, telling Moon not to roam too far.

Vince didn't realize just how tiring the long ride had been until he fell down on the bed to test it out. He regretted having to get back up just to lock the truck and cover up the deer mount. He called to Moon on his way back up only to have him run past his feet on the stairwell. Vince called the office requesting a wake-up call after two hours. He fell asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow with Moon content to curl up at his feet. They slept soundly until the phone rang.

Vince splashed some water on his face to help knock out the leftover drowsiness from the nap, snapped a leather leash on Moon's collar, and headed for the lobby to meet Anna.

Vince had just sat down when a yellow taxi with a checkered stripe down the side pulled into the covered drive outside. A burly man sporting a full white beard stepped out of the back door, waiting patiently for someone else to exit before he shut it. Vince was elated to see Anna emerge. Moon tugged at the leash at the mere sight of her. He was just as glad as Vince to see her. Moon half dragged Vince to the door while she paid the driver. Vince glanced at his watch when he opened the door for them. Twelve o'clock sharp.

Anna handed the man a small basket covered with a towel along with a leather overnight case. Turning around, she held out her arms and snapped her finger. Moon eagerly jumped into her arms, nuzzling fondly against her cheek, purring loud enough for all to hear. He wasn't in the least disturbed when Anna slightly squeezed him in her effort to kiss Vince. He extended the greeting ten seconds longer than Anna had intended causing her to blush slightly. She turned to Sam, a hint of embarrassment in her voice, "Sorry, Sam. Seems both of my men missed me more than I anticipated!" She reached for Vince's hand, "Sam, I'd like you to meet my husband, Vince Casey and our beloved friend and companion, Master Moon."

Sam extended his hand to Vince, telling him how pleased he was to finally get to meet the man he had heard so much about from Anna. He then turned to scratch Moon's ears, "I hear extraordinary things about you, too, my furry friend." Moon licked the weathered fingers with his rough tongue, a sure sign that he liked the gentle ways of the elderly man. The taxi still waited outside.

Sam excused himself with the fact that it was late and he needed his rest, lest he became a "grumpy old man." He told Anna he would pick her up for lunch at eleven o'clock the next morning, waved to all on his way out, and disappeared into the back seat of the taxi.

Vince picked up the basket and the small suitcase and led the way back to the suite on the second floor. He and Anna chatted casually of the details comprising their separate trips along the way. Vince set the basket and case on the floor to dig in his pocket for the key. Anna put Moon down beside them and unsnapped the leash from his collar. She turned to embrace Vince from the rear while he fiddled with the lock in his own shadow created by the brightness of a full moon overhead. Anna deftly slid one hand between the buttons of Vince's shirt, sighing contentedly, "I surely missed you today. Every minute seemed like an eternity till it was time to leave." The key clicked in the lock, but rather than opening the door, Vince turned to face his wife, "The feeling is mutual m'lady. I can't imagine being without you for any length of time." He ran his fingers through the auburn hair blowing across her face on the balmy ocean breeze, "You are so beautiful in the moonlight!" Anna smiled and coyly kissed him on the cheek, "Thank you Sir Vince. You're rather dashing, yourself, but I must warn you that mere compliments will net you no special favors with such a damsel as myself; however, a barefoot walk on a white sand beach 'neath a silvery moon with a loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and thou, might induce such a serene sense of tranquillity that some fair maiden might be persuaded to shed the cloak of proper social restraint an give in to her deepest desires of romantic lust for pleasures of the flesh!" Anna grinned slyly at Vince while fluttering her long lashes provocatively and simultaneously swaying side to side to lightly rub her breasts across his broad chest!

Vince sucked in a quick breath, his heartbeat escalating with anticipation, "Dammit! You sure know how to drive me crazy. I suppose you've already taken the initiative of arranging the loaf of bread and the jug of wine?"

Vince opened the door.

Anna nodded, "Along with some cheese and crackers, too. The only thing missing is thou, so grab a blanket off the bed and take your shoes off while I slip out of these business clothes. I'll only be a minute." She grabbed the suitcase and disappeared into the bathroom with Moon following close behind. Vince sat on the bed to pull off his boots and roll up the legs of his jeans. He took his shirt off as well, draping it loosely across the back of a chair. He opted for the thin bedspread instead of a blanket, leaving the bedding undisturbed.

Anna emerged from the bathroom wearing a teal-colored satin wrap-around robe which accented the voluptuous curves of her figure to their full advantage. Vince's eyes roamed hungrily over his wife, drinking in her stark beauty. Anna obliged her husband by playfully turning a circle to allow him a full view in the light from every angle, then stopping in a classic model's pose, "Does this please your fancy, Sir Vince?" He could not take his eyes off her, "That, m'lady, is an understatement! Babe, you're the most beautiful and sexiest woman on this planet. I still find it hard to believe you're my wife!" Anna said nothing, preferring to kiss him instead. Vince felt her nipples rise and stiffen through the satin fabric against his bare chest halfway through the passionate kiss. In an effort to stem his rising desire, he warned, "Babe, if we don't hit the beach now, we're not gonna ever make it out of this room!"

As if the statement was planned into her strategy, Anna backed slowly away from Vince never taking her eyes from him as she reached behind her for the doorknob with one hand and the picnic basket with the other. She winked at him silently and in another instant, had disappeared through the door. Taken by surprise, Vince grabbed the bedspread and stubbed his toe in his haste to pursue her. By the time he got out the door, Anna was down the back stairs and kicking up small piles of white sand as she raced toward the breakers in the pale moonlight. Moon kept pace slightly ahead of her. To make up for lost time, Vince simply vaulted over the railing when the staircase turned, skipping the last six feet of stairway altogether. He hit the sand running with perfect balance. Anna and Moon were rounding the last dune between them and the open beach when Vince reached the first. Instead of following their path, Vince cut sharply to the left between the dunes in an effective effort to catch them by way of the shorter route.

Anna was running while looking back over her shoulder to see if Vince was gaining on her when he passed between the last dunes scarcely ten yards behind and to her left. A genuine scream escaped her lips when she spotted him as she turned her head back to see where she was going. The sight of him so close to catching her had actually startled her enough to drop the basket in the sand. Vince threw the bedspread beside it as he passed. He would have caught her with only two or three more of his powerful strides had she not abruptly cut back to the right in a last-ditch effort to avoid the inevitable capture. Vince adjusted quickly to match her direction into the surf. About to be caught, Anna screamed during the final few seconds when Vince's arms closed around her, their momentum sending them tumbling headlong into the dark water as a breaking wave crashed into their thighs.

Moon sat high and dry up on the beach watching as Vince and Anna came to the surface locked together in a passionate kiss, their hands roaming wildly over each other's heaving bodies. The wet satin robe clung to Anna's curves like a second skin, revealing the fact prematurely to Vince that she had absolutely nothing on beneath it. Their intense physical need for one another quickly overrode normal civilized inhibitions in the heat of mutual passion. Their drenched clothing was cast aside in the surf before the couple retreated out of the water to fervently make love on the wet sand, guarded silently by Moon and the stars above.

After satisfying their immediate need, Vince and Anna rinsed the coarse sand from their bodies and gathered up the surf-washed articles of clothing. Moon busied himself with stalking hermit crabs in borrowed shells, waiting patiently until one started moving before pouncing on it.

A pronounced chill drifted in on the early morning ocean breeze. Vince and Anna had retreated to the dunes in an effort to block the wind while, wrapped up together in the bedspread, they shared the bottle of wine, cheese, crackers, and French bread Anna had packed in the basket. Afterward, they had made love again and inadvertently dozed off in each other's arms.

Vince awakened to the gritty feel of Moon's sand-covered paw resting lightly on his cheek. He was startled to find the eastern sky ablaze with the pink, purple, and orange hues of the gulf sunrise, bathing the beach and dunes with its friendly glow. Vince bolted upright with the full realization of their clothing situation exclaiming, "Dammit! Thanks for waking me, Moon." The sudden move awakened Anna, too, asking what was wrong. Vince had a look of concern on his face when he spoke, "Nothing really, 'cept for the fact that we're about to be caught with our pants down, so to speak." Completely undaunted, Anna started laughing and yanked up the bedspread, peering down at their naked bodies as she spoke, "Well, I do declare! I believe you've got it, Sir Vince!" He retorted, "Come on, Babe. This is no time for jokes. Our clothes are still wet, but if we hurry, we can probably sneak back before anyone else gets up." Anna continued to joke with him, "I'll have no part of sneakin' anywhere with my own husband! We'll simply hide our wet clothes in the basket under the towel, keep the bedspread wrapped around us, and stroll back nonchalantly as if we've merely taken Moon for a sunrise walk. Nobody will ever suspect that we're stark naked underneath it, so quit worrying and revel in the memory of a glorious intimate night on the beach." She kissed him for an additional bit of assurance and the troubled frown was instantly replaced with a slight chuckle, "I guess you're right, Babe. Nobody will ever be the wiser."

Anna leaned forward, stretching for the basket and their garments. Vince took advantage of the move to shift control of the moment back to himself by allowing his hand on her shoulder to drag downward, lightly brushing across her breast on a path down the inside of her thigh. Anna caught her breath and Vince felt a rash of goosebumps on her leg during the return trip up the same path. Vince grinned when he reached her breast again to find the nipple standing at attention as he had expected. She offered no resistance to his caress, but simply retaliated by reaching directly for his groin as she turned to face him, "I wouldn't advise starting something you didn't intend to finish out here in broad daylight, Sir Vince!" Breaking off the tease, he grinned and stated, "Touche' m'lady." They returned to their room without further incident, stopping briefly by the truck so Anna could see their mounted trophies.

Vince ordered them breakfast via room service. They ate their fill and took a shower together while Moon finished up every scrap of the leftovers. Anna dried off and crawled into the bed while Vince got dressed to leave. She thought about teasing him into finishing the escapade on the beach, but knew he would not get home till very late in the evening if he didn't get going. She knew the remaining distance would take him all day and part of the evening as it was. Anna planned to catch a couple hours of sleep before Sam picked her up for dinner.

Vince shaved the night's stubble and put the razor in his duffle bag. He sat down on the bed beside Anna and asked Moon if he wanted to ride in the truck with him or fly back with her. Moon snuggled into covers between Anna's legs and stared up apologetically. Vince just smiled and said he didn't blame him.

Anna flipped the covers back, baring herself from the waist up, teasing Vince by asking if he was sure he didn't want a "quickie" for the road? He leaned over and kissed her, then whispered in her ear, "I don't do quickies! Just keep it hot till I get home! I love you. Gotta go." He covered her back up, tucking the sides in around her as he got up. Anna told him to be careful and that she loved him. Vince told Moon to take good care of her as he waved good-bye and shut the door.

Vince left the island, stopping only once to fill up with gas and grab some chips and sandwiches for the road. He opened a fresh pack of smokes, popped in a tape, and settled back for the long ride.

The miles steadily clicked by. Somewhere near the halfway point, a plane buzzed over his truck from behind, rocking expertly back and forth as if waving. He watched it bank sharply to the right in a full circle and come up on his left side to make a slower pass. Moon and Anna were plainly visible through the cockpit windows. Vince waved while Anna blew him a kiss. She waved as the plane pulled up sharply to clear the power lines ahead. It kept climbing until it was almost out of sight and finally leveled off. Vince muttered to himself, "Keep it hot, Babe. I'm truckin' as fast as I dare."


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