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Defender(TM) offers free submit links for success to search engines, free links pages, and classified sites, inceasing the success factor of online ladies by simplifying their online marketing efforts of mlm and other businesses. It is packed with FREE tips, tools and help for women online & business success. Be SURE to catch the LATEST ~BRAND NEW/HOT~ UPDATE (In Red) & POST Your Link DIRECTLY ON THIS PAGE! Only The Most RECENT 20 Will Be VISIBLE With The NEWEST Link ALWAYS On TOP, So POST OFTEN!

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Hell-O Ladies! Just to set your minds at ease, I'm not trying to SELL you ANYTHING! Defender® is dedicated to HELPING Ladies with their online marketing efforts (This is one of the few sites built by a man that is supported by BannerWomen!). Everything you will find here is FREE! This site will be constantly upgraded with only the best and simplest tools I can find.

As you can see below (near bottom), I've got "Splat" and "Femina", the classic ladies' search engine to find anything for ladies you can't find here. Click On the Submit Express button below to submit to 40 Top Search Engines.

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NOTE: The *Galaxy* FREE search engine submission has gone to a "pay" service and has been discontinued *here* I will add another such service when I find one which offers the convenience and worth of its space.

I wanted to add you a FFA listing area right here, but,.... UPDATE!!!!!! I DID!!! (simply click the "ADD YOUR OWN LINK" at the bottom of the list and a new window will open up) You can ALSO hyperlink on the buttons at left to post on OTHER Defender® PAGES to over 300,000 MORE FFAs! (Yep! The VOLUME is GROWING steadily) :-)

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