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1-The MOON & Stars!

2-Winter Kill

3-Deadly Counter-Attack!

4-Angel Of Mercy

5-Love Blooms!

6-Intimate Revelations

7-Season's Greetings

8-Revenge Backfires!

9-A Double Proposal

10-Stacey's Awakening

11-Merry Christmas!

12-Hawaiian Escape

13-Wedding Arrangements

14-Blessings Of Pele - The Fire Goddess!

15-Stacey's Double Rescue

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Moon Madness - 13, Copyrightę 2001-2006 By
Larry K. Hockman, "All RIGHTS RESERVED"

Wedding Arrangements

Stacey awoke to the ringing of the bedside phone. It was Anna asking her if she wanted to have breakfast with the rest of them. Andy and Earl were to meet them in the restaurant in a half hour. Moon and Crip were eating roast pig at the moment, which Vince had ordered for them via room service. Stacey laughed and told Anna they ought to enjoy that 'cause she had it last night and it was very tasty. She told Anna she would be there shortly.

Everyone ordered a conventional breakfast. Vince and Anna told the group they were going to plan their wedding to take place on the Kilauea crater rim the next day at dusk. Aside from going to pick out a dress, they intended to hang out at the hotel. Most of the arrangements could be made by phone. The happy couple was congratulated warmly by Andy and Earl. Along with Stacey, they insisted that Vince and Anna let them arrange the reception and secure a surprise honeymoon spot for at least one night as their special gift. They promised the couple they would not regret it. They agreed, explaining they had planned to postpone the honeymoon until they were both back on their feet. Stacey assured them their every need would be taken care of.

Anna asked Stacey to accompany her to the ladies' room. Once inside, she handed Stacey three thousand dollars in cash and told her to pick up Vince's ring at the jeweler's shop in Honolulu. There would be enough left over to get her a dress as well. She confided that any color she wanted would be fine since her train would be covered with native flowers from the area in every color imaginable. If necessary, Andy would be at liberty to rent them a helicopter to "island hop." Stacey kissed her on the cheek and told her not to worry as she hid the cash from sight in her purse.

Anna and Vince left the group at the restaurant. Stacey explained what Anna expected of her. The men were more than happy to oblige. They made several phone calls to arrange for the helicopter, grabbed a cab, and proceeded to the far side of the island where a private airfield had been cut out of a dense grove of evergreens. Stacey told Andy she did not feel comfortable carrying around the large sum of cash, so they decided to fly straight to Honolulu, on the island of Oahu, to take care of Anna's business, first. Since the city was also the state capital, Stacey could do most of her shopping in the many stores there as well.

Stacey soon learned that Andy was as skilled with the rotorcraft as he was with conventional fixed-wing planes. Rex shared the same talent. Anna had discovered them crop-dusting in Iowa. As usual, they were racing; Andy flying a bi-plane, Rex piloting a chopper, to see which could dust the field first. Their competitive nature earned them a fair salary and they enjoyed the work. They never knew how valuable their talents were until Anna came along and made them a proposition. They both lived quite well from that day on. Andy married his high school sweetheart shortly afterward and started a family.

Rex had never married. He always explained the situation away by saying that since he had plenty of money, he would only settle for a world-class woman, smart, sexy, beautiful and rich. So far, he had never met anyone that met his rigid requirements.

Andy steered the chopper through a channel between two large islands on the right flanked by two smaller ones on the left. Earl told Stacey the large ones were Maui and Molokai. Their smaller cousins were Kahoolawe and Lanai. Oahu would be the next island to the northwest. They could leave the chopper at the airport and take a cab into the city. Once in the shopping district, a variety of shops and stores were all within walking distance. Stacey was amazed at the stark beauty of the islands from the air. She longed to go exploring on one of the isolated beaches and wished she had brought her camera. She made a mental note to drop off the exposed rolls of film in her purse at the first photo lab she came across. Only the pictures would reveal how proficient she was with the new equipment.

The helicopter flew over a multitude of private yachts and charter sport fishing boats beyond the dangerous reefs closer to the beaches of Oahu. Stacey mentioned that she loved to fish and would like to give deep-sea fishing a try before they went back to Florida. Andy told her he was sure Rex would take her in Florida if she missed out in Hawaii. Floridians boasted of some of the finest offshore fishing in the world. Rex spent a lot of his free time fishing for big marlin.

The world famous Waikiki beach appeared in a matter of minutes, dotted with swimmers, surfers, jet skiers, para-sailers, and simple sun-worshipers. Stacey said she would prefer a less crowded beach. Honolulu was just beyond it. Andy landed the chopper and hailed a cab to the business district. Stacey told the driver he could let them off at the jewelry store.

Vince's ring was stunning in itself for a man. Anna had explained the style of her ring well, for it matched it almost perfectly. Three ╝ carat marquis diamonds were set side-by-side in the yellow gold. His initials were engraved on the inside of the band. Earl modeled it while Stacey paid the man in cash, breathing a welcome sigh of relief.

Stacey spotted a unique golden cat pendant with two small emeralds to serve as the eyes. Emeralds just happened to be her birthstone for the month of May, meaning love and success. She told Andy and Earl that fate depicted she buy it for herself. Stacey put the purchase on one of her credit cards. Andy fastened the gold chain around her neck and jokingly called her the "cat woman!" A swimwear boutique conveniently resided two doors down. They went there next, to let Stacey buy her a bathing suit. She asked the men what colors would be appropriate for both Hawaii and Florida. They advised her on pastel blues, pinks and greens, and purples, ocean and sky colors. She quickly selected a purple and pink bikini and left the pair standing alone to go try it on. In a flash, she was back behind them with, "What do you guys think?" Andy and Earl said nothing. Stacey's conservative dress had not revealed the stark beauty she possessed beneath. Her flawless figure and pretty features could easily surpass any top model across the country. She instantly struck the men as the epitome of the classic American blue-eyed, fair-skinned, blond beauty! Stacey playfully struck a sexy pose and asked, "What's the matter, boys? A cat got your tongue?" Before either of them could speak, she had pivoted smartly and disappeared back into the dressing room. She soon reappeared and paid the clerk in cash for the swimsuit and a light beach robe to match.

A Hawaiian inter-island travel agency got the bid for the next stop. Stacey explained to the agent what they wished for the newlyweds. They were provided with several choices, but jointly settled on a quaint little villa situated on the south side of Kauai, commonly called the Garden Island. The villa was nestled between beautiful tropical gardens overlooking a novel, black sand beach of finely powdered volcanic lava rock. It was also equipped with all modern conveniences and staffed with native island "servants" to attend to every need. Several choices of nightly entertainment were available, or could simply be dismissed with the snap of a finger for total privacy. Daylight activities fell under the same parameters. Honeymoon accents would be provided in the traditional Hawaiian style.

The spot was a popular retreat to those who could afford the lavish style of island royalty and was justly billed as the finest example of island paradise. The agent promised a policy of strict confidentiality was rigidly adhered to, concerning the identities of their clients. The trio proceeded to arrange air transport directly from the beach behind the hotel, where a special wedding luau reception would be held for Anna and Vince. The agent divided the cost of the entire package three ways and accepted a credit card on each share. He lastly directed Stacey to a one-hour photo lab down the street at her request. A large department store was right next door to enable her to finish her shopping conveniently. The film was dropped off and developed while Stacey picked out enough island fashions to last her a few days. Most of her shopping time was spent deciding on her dress for the wedding. She tried on four different colors. The men thought the lavender one went better with her fair complexion so she bought it and a pair of heels to match. She would pick up other clothes as the need presented itself. Andy and Earl each bought their wives a souvenir island outfit with Stacey's help. They ate lunch at a small cafe before picking up the pictures. Stacey was elated with the pictures. The superiority of the 35MM camera was evident in the crisp clarity of the exposures. Colors were excellent as well. She was particularly interested in the detail picked up by the strength of the telephoto lens. She couldn't wait to show Anna and Vince.

The trio browsed through a couple of more assorted souvenir shops and headed back to the airport via cab.

Andy flew the chopper on a direct southeast line back to Hawaii, making one low pass around the bubbling lava pot in the crater of Kilauea. Stacey wanted to catch some sun on the beach behind the hotel so Moon and Crip could frolic without the restriction of the leashes. Andy and Earl both warned her to be careful of overexposure in the relentless tropical sun. It was even more notorious for painful burns than was Florida. Her fair complexion would also add to the risk. The owner of the chopper offered them a ride to the hotel after they landed. To save time, they accepted graciously and tried to pay the man. He declined the money, but told them not to forget his rental service if they should have a need for another flight.

The two pilots helped Stacey carry her packages to her suite and stayed long enough for a drink. Earl went to call his wife, while Andy was intent on getting a shower.

Stacey called Anna's room to see if she was in. Vince answered the phone and told her Anna was soaking in the jacussi with her cast floating on a plastic white duck she had borrowed from the pool. He informed her that she was welcome to join Anna if she wished. He was going to pick up his tux and exercise his leg. Stacey asked him to tell Anna she would be there as soon as she changed.

Stacey donned her new swimwear after carefully removing the tags. The robe, a pair of white sandals, and a fluffy hotel towel added the finishing touches to her beach ensemble. She stuffed the pictures back into her purse, grabbed the box containing her dress for the wedding, and proceeded next door.

Vince was about to leave when she knocked on the door. He complimented Stacey on her new outfit, asking what was in the box. She opened it and held the dress against her to see if it met his approval. Vince said it looked very tasteful and would go well with Anna's dress. She would be pleased with Stacey's choice. She draped it over her arm and stepped inside so he could lock the door. Moon and Crip evidently missed her presence overnight and greeted her in classic feline fashion. The cats followed Stacey into the bathroom.

Anna was indeed pleased with the dress. She told Stacey to look at her's hanging in the closet. Stacey thought it was beautiful. The dress was made of delicate white silk, low-cut with sheer pink and lavender lace sleeves of a native flower design. The train was of the same shimmering silk bordered by six inches of color embroidered tropical flowers of the same design on the lace. A silk garland of oleander and hibiscus flowers topped the train as did a veil of flowered lace. Stacey commented, "Anna, you are going to be dazzling, the envy of the islands! Vince is a very lucky man." Anna answered with, "Actually, I rather thought I was the lucky one. An extraordinary man of Vince's caliber who has never married is a rarity at his age." Stacey confided, "I'm sure he could say that exact same thing about you. I think God made you two especially for one another. After all those lonely years of solitude, y'all deserve each other's love. I'm sure you will be very happy together." Her thoughts drifted a moment, then suddenly snapped back, "Oh, I almost forgot. I've got Vince's ring in my purse. She found it quickly and handed it with the receipt to Anna, explaining that the jeweler said she would need it should the ring have to be sized. There would be no charge to alter it. Anna held it up to her engagement ring stating, "Almost a perfect match! The jeweler did an excellent job." Stacey agreed with her.

Anna told Stacey to slide on in the jacussi, the bubbles were almost hypnotic. Stacey told Anna she almost dozed off in her's the night before. Anna noticed the gold cat pendant immediately as Stacey's robe slipped from her shoulders, "How exquisite. Did you find it on the islands?" She replied, "Just this morning in Honolulu." She went on to explain the significance of the emerald eyes, opened the clasp, and handed it to Anna with a smile, "Here, you need to wear something "borrowed" at your wedding tomorrow. I'd be honored if you wore this. Maybe it will bring both of us love and success." Anna was very touched by the gesture and accepted the offer graciously. She turned her back to Stacey and asked her to help her put it on. Anna held up her right hand to show her a pink and white cameo ring which had belonged to her mother, as well as her mother before her. Its origin became cloudy beyond that point in time. She had put it on in light of the "something old" part of the wedding superstition. She thanked Stacey for her thoughtfulness in offering the pendant.

The two women chatted casually about a variety of subjects. They scrutinized Stacey's pictures while Anna explained several fine points of choosing the right lens and film speed to attain certain desired effects with her camera. Anna said she would have liked for her to film the wedding, but since she was part of it, she and Vince had hired another photographer for the ceremony. Stacey told her she would take pictures at the reception, explaining that everything after the wedding had been taken care of by her, Andy, and Earl. Anna tried to get Stacey to tell her what the plan involved, but she was steadfast in her silence, explaining that it was to be a surprise and she would not betray her new friends' trust in her.

Anna abruptly halted the inquisition at the revelation and told Stacey, "Loyalty is a very worthy virtue." They were discussing what they intended to do the next day (since Vince wasn't supposed to see his bride before the wedding) when a light knock on the door and a key turning in the lock signaled his return. Moon and Crip jumped from the redwood deck around the tub to go greet him.

Stacey told Anna she would handle the chore of arranging for something to keep Vince busy the next day. She was sure that Andy and Earl would be more than happy to help out. She would, however need to talk to them first. Stacey said she would call their suite in a few minutes to see if they were in.

Vince called out to Anna to see if she was still in the bathroom. Anna acknowledged by asking him to please bring her the phone. He complied with a chuckle, "You two ladies are gonna shrivel up like two prunes if you don't get out of that water soon!" Anna told him to be patient, they would be out in a minute. Meanwhile, he could be checking out Stacey's handiwork with the camera. Stacey told him the close-up of the buck had also taken well and handed him the pictures. He took them eagerly back to the bedroom. Stacey dialed the lobby and had them ring Andy and Earl. Earl answered, Andy was busy shaving. Stacey asked him if they would mind "baby-sitting" Vince the next day and explained her reasons for asking the favor. She heard him holler to Andy and the answer of his pet phrase, "No problem." She thanked Earl, telling him she owed them one. Stacey hung up the phone and told Anna everything was set. She would stay with her for the night and Vince could have her room. Anna commended her on the plan, but informed her that she must now explain it to Vince as he might not be swayed so easily.

Stacey got out and asked Vince to dry off Anna's leg above the cast while she supported her.

Vince turned to Moon who was watching the proceedings from the open doorway, "Moon, seems as though the women have been conspiring against us men. It must be something in the water." Stacey was quick to defend, "That's not it at all, Vince. You know it's bad luck to see the bride on the day before the wedding." Vince retorted, "But that doesn't pertain to the night before the day of the wedding." Stacey agreed on that point but managed to twist it around to her favor, "You're absolutely right, but with all due respect, it won't be lookin' good if you wake up beside her in the morning, now will it?" Vince shook his head in disbelief, "You're right, I concede. Moon and I will find some way to occupy ourselves." Stacey stepped back into the conversation quickly, "Oh, I forgot to mention that Moon and Crip are staying with us. We girls need some kind of male around here for protection." Rather dejected, he looked them both up and down, "I seriously doubt that either of you would have a problem with getting any man to defend you. With killer looks like that, they might need some protection!" Stacey consoled him, "Thanks for the compliment, but don't sound so sad. It'll be fun. Andy and Earl are very likable guys who seem to know their way around the islands very well. There's no tellin' what they'll cook up for you guys to get into." Anna's eyebrows raised slightly at the thought as she continued, "Besides, it'll give you some time to get to know the men your future wife will be flying all over the world with. Y'all can do the male bonding thing men are so intent about." Vince thought for a minute before answering, "Yeah, I guess you're right. Maybe it will be fun. I would like to get better acquainted with Andy and Earl. So, when do we split up tonight, after dinner?" Stacey looked over to Anna. She nodded in agreement. It was settled. Stacey told Vince he'd be wise to pack him a honeymoon bag and carry it and his tux with him tonight when he left. She picked up her things and told Vince she would give him her key a little later. She and the cats were going for a walk on the beach behind the hotel. They both followed her out the door, eager for some outdoor exercise.

Stacey reloaded her camera with a fresh roll of film, stashing another in one pocket of her robe. A small bottle of sun block and her room key were carried in the other. The cats were eyed curiously by all. They seemed to be a bit of a novelty since Hawaii had no native cats of its own. Moon and Crip enjoyed the excursion immensely, investigating every aspect of the ocean environment with great enthusiasm. Sidestepping fiddler crabs sparked their interest as a live toy to be batted to and fro at the first hint of futile escape into the water. Their borrowed shell retreats provided the only protection from the cats' relentless curiosity. Stacey discovered a small lagoon a quarter mile from the bulk of the noisy beach crowd. The setting boasted a small fresh-water stream emptying into the vast ocean. The motley band swam and played in the calmer surf near the stream. To Stacey's ultimate surprise, even the cats enjoyed the salty water, carefully stalking colorful fish, only to be thwarted during the final pounce. Stacey exposed an entire roll of film on their individual failed attempts before Moon and Crip combined their forces into a team effort as they had done with the deer back home. The turning point greatly excited Stacey. She encouraged their efforts with commands to catch her a fish while frantically loading the last roll of film in her camera. She silently scolded herself for the lack of insight to bring more than one extra roll. She vowed to always have more than she needed from that moment on. Somehow, Moon and Crip again decided which of them was best suited for each job to ensure success.

Stacey set the camera for rapid-fire exposures. Crip positioned herself on the wet sand where the incoming waves abruptly changed direction and receded back to the ocean.

As if knowing the fish could easily detect his larger bulk and the noise his oversized feet created entering the watery domain, Moon splashed rambunctiously back and forth in the seafoam, herding the unsuspecting fish into a tight school between himself and Crip. Waiting on the incoming wave, he zig-zagged directly at the school, pushing them in a frightened frenzy towards his motionless partner. Crip waited patiently until the wave broke and reversed direction at her feet, timing the pounce to coincide perfectly with the exact moment the fish were rendered motionless by the conflicting currents. In a fraction of a second, she would pin one or two fish to the sand and wait for the water to disappear beneath her before removing her weight and slapping them further up the beach, far beyond the safety of the water. In five minutes, Stacey had filmed the entire sequence from three different angles before the film ran out. During the last take, Moon had scored himself a single by funneling the receding fish-laden water through his outstretched front legs and pegging one hapless fish with his mouth. Stacey giggled as Moon snorted to blow impacted wet sand from his nostrils without dropping the catch, which he proudly trotted up the beach and deposited in front of Crip.

Seven bluish-silver fish flopped helplessly on the sand while Stacey congratulated the cats on their inventive fishing prowess. She was out of film and anxious to see how the multiple shot frames would come out. Anna would be most anxious as well. Stacey decided to find a local developer on the island before mentioning the event to her. Quite satisfied with her solo outing, she skipped up the beach, hung the camera on a coconut palm frond, and rinsed the salt water from her hair and body in the cool stream while Moon and Crip devoured the small fish, leaving nothing but the bony heads for the scavenging gulls and crabs. Despite the sun block, a slight tingle in her fair skin warned that she had gotten plenty of the tropical sun for one day. Moon and Crip joined her in the stream, allowing her to rinse their fur clean of the ocean salt. Laughing, Stacey told them they looked like a couple of wet rats when they were dripping, wherein they politely shook in unison, covering her with a spray of fine droplets. She rinsed once more, put her robe on and walked on the wet sand back to the hotel. The cats and her hair dried quickly with the aid of the pacific breeze, long before they passed the pool and entered the elevator.

Stacey noticed the maid had made her bed, put clean towels in the bathroom and left an arrangement of hybiscus, poinsettia, and coral tree blossoms accented by feathery green ferns. She sniffed the fragrant aroma, plucking a large red hibiscus from the group to place in her hair in typical island fashion. Stacey shed the bikini in favor of a light, floral patterned sun dress she had purchased simply as casual wear for the island stay. Searching through the local phone book provided the names of two nearby film and photo shops. She opted for the one which advertised one-hour processing and called them for directions from the hotel. It was within easy walking distance, only four blocks away, but she was in a hurry and took a convenient taxi parked in front of the lobby. She was back in fifteen minutes, set the alarm for an hour and a half, and snuggled up with Moon and Crip for a short nap.

Andy called, waking Stacey shortly before the alarm was to go off. He and Earl were about to leave for the business district to rent him a tuxedo and wondered if she needed anything. Anna had called earlier to ask him if he would give her away at the wedding. She requested that he meet her and Stacey at the hotel an hour prior to the scheduled time for the wedding. Naturally, he had agreed, deeming the task an honor. Stacey asked if they minded her tagging along to pick up her pictures. She told them she was ready to go but wanted to take Moon and Crip next door to Vince and Anna's suite. She would only be a minute and meet them outside.

Vince answered the door. Stacey apologized for disturbing them. Anna said she was about to call to let her know that she and Vince were going to another island for dinner and would meet her back at the hotel around nine. Stacey assured them she would be there to give Vince her key and left.

The trio picked up Stacey's pictures en route to the formal rental shop. Andy was soon measured and fitted. The men invited Stacey to dinner, their treat, at a swanky open-air nightclub which featured live entertainment. She gladly accepted, but reminded them that she must be back by nine. They had to be back as well to pick up Vince. Andy and Earl had planned a special evening for him. They would not reveal their plans to Stacey. Andy told Stacey they would stop by her room around 5:30. An early start would enable them to have a drink before dinner. She said she would be ready.

With Anna's help, Vince had managed to remove the part of his cast which had covered his knee and the upper part of the calf below it. He knew Dr. Allman would strongly disagree with the course of action, but he had no intention of getting married on crutches. His leg was plenty strong to support him as long as he didn't put all of his weight on it. By the same school of thought, Anna would gladly settle for the crutches in lieu of the cumbersome wheelchair. It was simply not her style. All of the swelling in her foot had disappeared. The constant throbbing had also ceased as the pressure subsided. Anna had no problem at all walking with the added support of the crutches. Both Vince and Anna were quite pleased with their new self-altered arrangement.

Vince modeled the rented tux for Anna's approval. She thought he looked very handsome and sophisticated, so much that she requested he keep it on for the evening. She would dress accordingly. Vince wondered what she intended to wear. He made a short trip to the lobby to get the evening newspaper. Anna was in the bathroom dressing when he returned. Vince read half of the paper before Anna emerged and asked him to zip her up. He swallowed hard at the mere sight of his future wife. Anna had put on a clinging, jet black dress, complete with a black belt and one matching black high heel. She had slipped a black knitted leg-warmer over the white cast. Sparkling diamond and emerald earrings shook provocatively with her every move. Their emeralds, set at the top of the hanging strings of diamonds, simulated a matched set with Stacey's golden, emerald-eyed cat guarding the visible cleavage above the dress's neckline. She had put her hair up in a twisted French braid, held in place with yet another gold clasp studded with diamonds and emeralds! She asked Vince what he thought. He simply said, "Stunning, Babe. Classy and sexy to the max!" They grabbed a cab in front of the lobby and disappeared for a romantic evening alone.

Andy, Earl and Stacey took a short flight on one of the many inter-island airlines across the Alenuihaha Channel separating Hawaii from Maui. They landed at the port city of Wailuku on the far side of the island, taking the airline shuttle directly to the beachfront club. They all ordered drinks and the house specialty, a choice of pit-grilled steaks and a trip to the restaurant's famous seafood bar, featuring everything from lobster to shark. Hula and fire-dancers provided authentic native entertainment. Everyone had a good time and wanted to stay as long as time permitted. Stacey thanked the men several times for inviting her during the flight back across the channel. They arrived at the hotel just as Vince and Anna were exiting their cab. Stacey was astounded that Vince appeared normal except for the bulging cast under his pants and was walking without the crutches. Even more amazing was the fact that Anna used only the crutches without the wheelchair!

Stacey's blood pressure rose slightly at the sight. She was torn between scolding them for not obeying Dr. Allman's orders and sympathizing with their want to do away with the cumbersome restrictions before their marriage. She decided not to be negative and put back on her normal radiant smile. She stepped out of the cab with, "What an exquisite looking couple, a profound example of the debonair class act." Andy and Earl also complimented them highly. The entire group stopped in the hotel bar and discussed the evening over a drink. At Anna and Vince's door, Stacey addressed Vince, "Better get your farewell's over with while I'm getting my things 'cause the next time you'll get to see Anna will be at the alter!" She started off but spun back around and pointed a finger at him in a joking manner, "And don't be late!" Everyone chuckled at Stacey's chaperon display. Andy told Vince to give them a call as soon as he had moved his things to Stacey's room.

Twenty minutes later, the arrangement was complete. Stacey handed Vince the key, sliding inside between him and Anna. Vince kissed Anna on the hand and said, "Until tomorrow, my love." She wistfully watched him until he disappeared into the room. Stacey noticed the look in her eye and comforted, "You miss him already, don't you?" Forcing a smile combined with a sniff, Anna confided, "I'm afraid I do at that." To get her mind off of Vince, Stacey told her to sit down so she could show her something important. She silently dug in her purse to retrieve the beach pictures of Moon and Crip, proudly handing them to Anna.

Slightly puzzled at Stacey's previous statement, Anna studied each picture intently, depositing each shot before her on the table, arranging them carefully into the chronological order in which they were taken. Halfway through the stack, her scientific nature blocked out her emotions, and she realized the potential significance the remaining photos were sure to reveal. She looked up at Stacey proudly, an unmistakable grin of approval sweeping her face as she spoke, "Stacey, call room service and order us a bottle of their best champagne. I think this calls for a celebration!" Stacey gladly complied with the request, thankful the pictures had shifted Anna's mood. Anna's excitement continued to rise higher with every shot she examined. A knock at the door signaled the timely delivery of the champagne just as Anna put the last photo in its rightful place in the sequence. Stacey signed the tab and thanked the boy with a nice tip. Anna scanned the pictures like a movie, steadily nodding her approval. She looked up and extended her hand to Stacey, "Congratulations. That's a helluva piece of evidence for our personal project. Whether or not you realize it, that photo sequence will pay for every dime you've spent here!" Elated, Stacey tried to show a bit of modesty and said it was beginners luck. Anna told her she was very proud of her budding professionalism. Stacey let Anna open the champagne, telling her of the embarrassing plastic cork episode of the previous night. Anna had a good laugh over the revelation as they toasted their future team success. They finished the entire bottle relaxing in the jacussi and discussing their plans for the next day. Anna also filled in the details of the wedding as they got ready for bed.


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