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Defender's "Moon Madness"
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Defender's "Hidden Perfection"
Chapter 18 - Semi-Conscious,
Copyrightę 1992-2006 By:
Larry K. Hockman, "All RIGHTS RESERVED"


When the couple awoke, Babe's foremost thoughts encompassed the distressing incidents of the previous day. She casually slipped on her pink robe, hurried down the hall to the growth room, and apprehensively walked in. Scanning its entirety quickly, she ascertained the calm normality and returned to her and Abe's chambers with a superficial feeling of satisfaction. Tuning into Abe's thoughts informed her that he was making a simple repair on the shuttle which had been responsible for the intense vibration contracted upon their hasty exit through Rainbow Falls.

Babe prepared breakfast and mentally called her mate. He was just finishing the minor repair. During breakfast, Abe planned a trip to the base camp to take place while Babe tended to the zoo animals. It was to be a simple routine trip, only to feed the birds on the surface. Upon his return, they would commence with the important work in the growth room.

Abe loaded extra rations for the birds, coupled with long-term supplies for storage at the base, as well. Tenderly kissing Babe farewell, he brought the shuttle to life and left the airlock. The eclipse had ended while they slept, and Abe commanded the computer to relinquish control to him while simultaneously kicking in the auxiliary generator. Goldclaw and Amber were back at camp when he arrived with their food. He failed to notice the congenial nest they were constructing in the large fork above, for they landed on his leather shoulder pads as soon as he exited the shuttle. Abe rationed them and the doves enough food to last several days, scattering it about the camp. With a content attitude, he reboarded the craft and headed back to the New Hope.

Babe had spent most of his travel time with the zoo animals. She had only briefly looked in on the growth chambers. She was extremely anxious for her mate to return. Babe had experienced an increasing uneasy feeling, much like Abe's previous one. The overall scope of it frightened her.

Babe's telepathic instinct revealed the shuttle's approach. She had made it a point to be near the airlock to greet Abe. She secretly wanted to conceal her abstract fears, but deep inside, she knew the feat would prove impossible with her genetic mate. Abe had already sensed her profound worry. His basic instincts rarely contradicted hers, but he thought her intuition was wrong this particular time. He was reasonably sure the life-threatening crisis was effectively alleviated, and it would be a simple procedure to bring their people to full consciousness.

Most of the physical work would involve shaving the men's faces, the ladies' legs and underarms, and manicuring their fingernail and toenails. They had agreed to let the couples themselves decide how their hair would be cut. The only critical factor should involve the tie-off and cutting of the umbilical cords and the necessary application of the preventative antiseptics. Specialized oxygen masks would provide the increased oxygen level to bring them to full consciousness. Then, Abe and Babe could determine if the educational tapes had even been remotely absorbed. At any rate, the accelerated growth rate would be arrested.

The initial chamber separation procedures progressed without incident. Abe and Babe truly marveled at their peers. Their genetically matched bodies were just as perfect as their own, . . only a few years older! A number of Earth's original nationalities were represented. The couple mentally chatted, recalling their own first days of awareness, and all of the accumulated knowledge their superior intellect had harnessed since their "birth".

Babe fashionably selected clothes for the young women, as did Abe for the men. Washed, shaven, and clothed, their new friends were ready for the final procedure. Emotions tipped the highest scale on this day of evolution.

Abe methodically moved each couple over to the computer, so Babe could establish the connection links in conjunction with the electronically controlled oxygen supply masks. Each individual pair would require a scientifically tailored amount to stimulate their brains out of the embryonic state. The extremely precise sequence must be performed gradually and would require a few hours. Abe and Babe decided to grab a bite to eat and left the computer to do its job. All systems exhibited "go", and they would return before full consciousness could be achieved.

After the break, Abe and Babe hastened back to the nursery, anxious to witness the last stages. Color had become radiant in the skin tones, indicating that the extra oxygen was absorbed as planned. Coherent consciousness should follow shortly.

Abe and Babe embraced each other lovingly, ecstatic that their combined efforts were about to be realized. They knew they would have to speak audibly, since their research had confirmed that telepathic communication was only possible between genetically matched pairs. Mastery of speech would prove necessary in the near future.

Babe caught her breath as one of the males' eyes fluttered and opened! His beautiful female counterpart was mere seconds behind, displaying the identical action. Abe and Babe moved toward them, seeking the first communication with their new friends. Abe said, "Hello and welcome." The only response consisted of an almost comatose stare with the eyes never flinching! Fearing the worst, the couple vainly tried different welcomes with each of the other couples as they awoke in pairs. None of the twenty-eight pairs even acknowledged their existence! Their horrible fears of the negative education factor were seemingly confirmed!

Heartbroken, Babe bolted from the nursery. Abe could sense her profound crying within their quarters, her mind a whirlwind of uncertainty, intermingled with pity and remorse. Abe instinctively knew she needed time alone to adjust to the new tragedy which had befallen them. Sadly, he realized her female intuition had been acutely accurate, . .

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Copyrightę 1992-2006 By Larry K. Hockman, "All RIGHTS RESERVED"

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