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Defender's "Moon Madness"
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Defender's "Hidden Perfection"
Chapter 1 - Introduction,
Copyrightę 1992-2006 By:
Larry K. Hockman, "All RIGHTS RESERVED"


Inhabitants of Earth had been engulfed in an uncompromising state of mass panic during the previous four years. Detrimental effects of the intense pollution inflicted upon nature before environmental activists had finally opened the public's eyes to the primary causes, could indeed, be pathetically irreversible worldwide! Mankind's problems of global contamination, disease, hunger, pestilence and immoral attitudes had seriously taxed the narrow margin of hope for a positive solution. A sinister form of total disaster loomed dark on the horizon of the basic dream of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Man could quite simply become extinct, granting Mother Nature a peaceful time of solitude to purge herself of the blatant scourge thoughtlessly created by his presence.

Humanity had given the challenge of existence a most valiant effort since the world's final two super-powers were forced to lay down arms and unify for the common goal of continued survival. Democracy and Communism held no cards in this new deck, and Mother Nature was now calling the game. To everyone's dismay, Lady Luck and Father Time had also sided with her. The ante now was bordering on suicide, just to keep on gambling in her game of life.

The most brilliant minds derived from the entire population of Earth *did* make some notable progress concerning the world's plight. Since the "World Summit Meeting" late in 2050 A.D., they had ultimately managed to invent and perfect the "portable fusion power-plant" which would eventually render traditional fossil fuels completely obsolete and also eliminate the need for waste-producing nuclear fission facilities as well. Based on the vast knowledge of ceramics acquired during the computer age of the late 1990's, combined with the latest atomic fusion technology learned from the second great super-collider built in 2038 A.D., the device proved itself as one of science's foremost achievements. It could power most anything electrically or by steam turbines with the only waste products being pure oxygen and helium. The fusion of hydrogen atoms into helium was both controlled and fueled by pure water. A composite lead lining inside the ceramic fusion chamber absorbed released radiation. Coupled with a recently invented ceramic generator constructed with super-conducting windings, and turned by steam pressure through a miniature turbine could produce 3,000 Volts of Alternating current or 300 standard horsepower, . . enough to handle most any application. The unit could maintain full power for 4 years on a single filling of water! A simple control valve regulated the water flow which was inversely proportional to power output. Excess steam ran through the ceramic condenser and back into the front of the chamber as water again. A steam port containing another valve could be used to produce radiated heat or to add more water after depletion. An exhaust port removed the helium and oxygen by-products.

Simple, cheap and efficient, the unit soon became a common household item. Virtually anyone could "fire" it the first time as it was manufactured with an integral detonator to create the initial heat and pressure necessary to start the fusion reaction. The unit would fail only if the water supply ran out.

As the final plus, individual units could be wired in series to double or triple the electrical output. They proved to be the simple cure for the power versus cost problem, as well as some future atmospheric pollution conditions.

The major confrontation at present is the massive number of deaths attributed to the AIDS virus. Although hundreds of vaccines had been developed since the appearance of the disease in the 1980's, the virus enjoyed a devastating talent for mutation and survival. The vaccines were usually rendered helpless well within a year, and the vicious culprit added yet another unfortunate species to the victim list with each new strain.

Only a fifth of the human population still lives, along with even less of Earth's previously vast animal kingdom. Most mammals were now extinct. AIDS seemed to be everywhere and killed most anything in its path. Plants, fish, insects and reptiles were not affected. They only served as carriers for the dreaded mutations of the indiscriminate virus.

Side effects stemming from the vaccines had resulted in severe chromosome damage and strange genetic abnormalities in the surviving female population of the world. To their horror, they could bear no more children!

By computing the acceleration of the AIDS death rate, scientists now estimated man's total extinction on Earth to be less than five years away! A suitable AIDS vaccine and a new generation of healthy children would be necessary to carry on survival of the meager human race.

Man's final hope could now rest in the hands of one man and his faithful wife, whom the rest of the world had barred from society two years ago. The couple claimed to have discovered the secret of the genetically perfect human being and proposed to actually grow a matched male and female as proof within a short period of time. The worldwide scientific community had forbidden their offer and labled genesplicing in regard to human beings as morally unethical. The rest of the world had scoffed, . . until now.

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Copyrightę 1992-2006 By Larry K. Hockman, "All RIGHTS RESERVED"

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