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About "Hidden Perfection"

Defender's "Moon Madness"
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Defender's "Hidden Perfection"
Chapter 22 - A Home With A Proposal,
Copyrightę 1992-2006 By:
Larry K. Hockman, "All RIGHTS RESERVED"

A Home With A Proposal

Within the next few months, a complete crystal city was constructed which would easily serve to keep business and the conventional privacies of home life separated. It was built directly over the saltwater (now called "Salt River") flowing to the interior sink-hole. City wastes were transferred via underwater pipes directly into the all-consuming depression for ecological reasons.

Abe and Babe's home was justly assembled first by the small waterfall at the site of the disassembled base camp. They were the nearest couple to Rainbow Falls. Abe lovingly allowed his mate to select the materials. Babe chose a simple rose quartz for the perimeter walls (her favorite pink). The inner door openings were elaborate arches incorporating the large ruby crystals Abe had discovered on his lifesaving trek to the interior. The master bedroom walls also sported the deep richness of the scarlet rubies. Flooring took on a soft lavender cast from purple-hued amethyst. Workmanship on the interfacing crystals was meticulously performed. From the outside, the light colored rose quartz exhibited a rich pink luster embellished by the scarlet gems hidden within.

Babe opted for no roof at all! Since no condensation rain existed in their sector, she was perfectly satisfied with an unobstructed view of the brilliant eclipses and glorious sunrises (eclipse endings). The arrangement would also provide freedom of access for Goldclaw, Amber, Olive, and Love. For this practical reason, the shuttle was outlawed from their private airspace unless piloted by them. During the period of transition from light to darkness and vice versa, their home had a unique, hot pink glow which accented their yard with reflections of pink fire. None of the other homes displayed this seemingly magical characteristic of light refraction even though their construction included the use of emeralds, topaz, aquamarine, various sapphires, flourite, and alexandrite. Most homes had a roof made from thin sheets of mica with wooden supports.

No other rubies were ever discovered on Hydrocryst. Abe and Babe later added an exquisite opal porch facing the waterfall after discovering a large deposit while swimming beneath the cool waters of Fresh River (its given name). It constantly displayed all colors of the light spectrum in a variety of hues. The brightness was limited only by the intensity of the available light energy.

During his spare time, Abe secretly forged Babe a magnificent golden crown. He precisely cut the raw diamond with the surgical laser aboard the New Hope, polished the facets, and expertly mounted it as the striking centerstone. Within a year, he managed a sizable collection of snow-white moonstones which he painstakingly fashioned in the shape of two doves, adorned with wings and eyes formed with bi-colored tourmalines.

Abe never suspected that Babe was busy creating him a dazzling crown also, for Olive and Love had discovered the remainder of the secret gold in the wake of the eagles! She had gathered the last of it, having just enough to fashion a crown to fit Abe's head. She had artistically garnished it with a large bloodstone, accented by sparkling ambers forming an eagle's head. As a final touch, she embossed two formidable claws into the surrounding gold. The piece was truly a fine work of art, . . expressing unpredented respect to Abe and his beloved birds.

Several weeks after Babe's crown was finished, Abe expressed his sincerest desire for traditional marriage during their love-making. The Bible strongly condoned the institution, and Abe thought the ceremony an opportune time to bestow the crown upon her as a permanent symbol of his everlasting love for her. Babe was overjoyed at the prospect of being a wife instead of just a mate, even though their intense state of present love would not be altered. The tradition would fit in perfectly with her secret plans concerning her crown of love for Abe!

After much discussion, it was decided the wedding would be performed in the majestic "Theater Of Emeralds" which had been constructed earlier that year for the production of plays and cultural entertainment. The date was set, and it would take place a full month after the "Hydrocryst Olympics" were over at the end of the present week.

Abe and Babe competed as a team like all the other couples. So far, their superb mental and physical prowess led the competition in seven of the ten scheduled events. They had forfeited the eighth event when Goldclaw playfully intercepted Abe's javelin throw in midair and flew it to the far end of the playing field! In the end though, their team still took the high points honors.

Abe and Babe's elaborate wedding plans promised to be a monumental historical event. The Circle Of Intellect had voted to physically separate the couple in abstinence until the wedding date as soon as the games were over. The matrimonial union would be recognized only under those circumstances. They would both have ample time for personal reflection and solitude. The pair was to be separated by the full stretch of the community. Babe would stay at her own house. Abe would temporarily reside at Booker's home, which was farthest into the interior. Booker was also Abe's closest male friend and would serve as his best man. Tina (his mate) was Babe's trusted friend and acting maiden of honor. She moved to Babe's house for the month. She was allowed; however, to spend time with Booker at her discretion. Their remote home provided sufficient distance to effectively cancel out Abe and Babe's powerful telepathy.

The separated couple still communicated through their hearts' "life ears". They wisely had revealed this power to none of the others. It had been born through near-tragedy which the others had never experienced. It would remain their personal treasure unless extreme circumstances depicted otherwise. It only provided information of life, physical condition, and location, none of which was direct as with their telepathy.

The next month's activities involved nothing but wedding preparations. The entire population was to take part in the ceremony! Abe and Babe's every need was attended to. Stately wedding rings were crafted, feasts planned and prepared, festivities arranged, and the bride and groom's coordinated attire was designed and created. Everyone turned out in their finest for the grand occasion. Nobody knew about the surprise crowns.

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