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About "Hidden Perfection"

Defender's "Moon Madness"
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19-New Life On Hydrocryst

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21-Glory To The Highest

22-A Home With A Proposal

23-The Final Union

24-The End Of The Beginning

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Defender's "Hidden Perfection"
Chapter 21 - Glory To The Highest,
Copyrightę 1992-2006 By:
Larry K. Hockman, "All RIGHTS RESERVED"

Glory To The Highest

Elated, the couple hurried inside the New Hope, fully trusting the confident statement of the odd couple. Abe and Babe briskly proceeded directly to the nursery, unbuckled their friends, and quickly escorted the pairs out the forward hatch in double file. When all were safely on the surface, the odd couple seated them in a concise semicircle just past the quartz jetties. They had recently developed an obviously rigid sense of responsibility concerning their peers' well-being. A calm attitude of complete tranquility was apparent during the entire operation.

Abe and Babe quietly rejoiced within their own minds. They knew unquestionably that their intense efforts had not been in vain. Soon, they would have a thriving new community involving various intellectual individuals of their own kindred! God had justly answered their fervent prayers! Waves of glorious thoughts flooded their minds at the conceivable possibilities of their future evolutionary society.

Abe reminded Babe of the rapidly deteriorating safety margin of the New Hope. The odd couple waved, smiled, and in perfect diction, the female said, "Take care. We, . . all of us will anxiously be awaiting your safe return. We will take good care of the others in your absence while you alleviate the problem at hand."

Greatly relieved, Abe and Babe disappeared into the hatch, secured it, and prepared to back the mother ship out of the perilous falls. They had to clear their minds of the preceding events to perform the delicate maneuver. Once clear, Abe programmed the computer to assume navigation and return itself to the ship's original orbit.

As the great ship slowly accelerated, the intense radiation readings gradually diminished, and the shield outputs quickly dropped back to their previous normal status. Only then, did the couple re-establish their telepathic mind link. Babe broke out in unceasing tears of joy and hugged her mate as if she had been bestowed a new lease on life! She justifiably deemed the magic moment as the most fulfilling of their entire short lives! Their mission was an astounding, monumental success! A totally new civilization had been born through their stubborn perseverance and the help of God. Together, they reverently knelt and thanked the Lord for their good fortune.

A great silence engulfed the huge spacecraft as it obediently slipped back into orbit within the black void of space. Abe and Babe starkly realized that they were now the only living creatures aboard! They slowly walked the lonely corridors through the zoo area and on to the dark room containing the dormant growth chambers. All was uncommonly still and quiet. There was none of the rampant hustle and bustle of the previous weeks, . . only the sad, blatant reality of abandonment. They needed only to glance at one another to know this was not the end of the New Hope's usefulness. Abe thought they should have unloaded much of the food stores before returning her to orbit. Babe agreed, adding the fact of the clothing on board, too. They would have to shuttle provisions to the surface as necessary.

Curtailing their emotions, the couple proceeded to their normal quarters after a last memorable look around. Realizing the lack of privacy available on the surface now, they enjoyed a short, satisfying session of love-making before returning to Hydrocryst. They were eager to see if some of the others had achieved full awareness during their absence.

Eighteen more pairs were coherent when the shuttle arrived on the small beach. They cheered wildly when Abe and Babe emerged. The remaining ten couples were active and alert, but not yet fully aware of the proceedings. Another hour would create a world of difference in their perception. Abe politely told the others to be patient, for they had been plagued with the same affliction a few hours prior. Abe and Babe were the undisputed center of attention. Everyone had some question to ask them about Earth. They took each in turn while the last of the pairs gradually recovered from the shock syndrome.

Babe thought it ironic that she and Abe had actually lived two years longer than their peers, but by scientific age equivalents, their new friends were all six years older than them! Older, . . but younger. What a concept for the scientific brain to ponder! The entire group thought it an excellent idea for Abe and Babe to head an orientation session to allow everyone to satisfy any questions they might have about Hydrocryst, the New Hope, or anything concerning the general welfare of all. The discussions lasted through to the next meal period. Plans for building homes, bridges and a church, plus the aspects of waste disposal, transportation, food sources and principles of their unique society were some of the topics covered. Food seemed to be the immediate priority at the present time.

Babe thought they all should go to the base camp for the preparation of the food. Abe agreed. There was more than enough stores there to feed their peers and them. Six trips in the shuttle would be necessary for everyone to ride the seven mile stretch. The men decided they would rather walk the river and explore along the way. Babe could take their mates ahead to help with the preparations and get most of the cooking accomplished while they were en route.

Babe loaded the shuttle with the first group of women and left for the camp after kissing Abe good-bye. The men started out in single file, scoping out the varied terrain with knowledge-hungry eyes. Naturally, Abe led the way. They had traveled only a short distance before Goldclaw and Amber appeared in the distance to help guide the party.

Along the way, the men pursued their discussions further and formulated a work plan for the following weeks. They figured on a time schedule of three days per house with the whole population involved in the construction. Houses would be situated along the fresh-water river for convenient access to drinking and bath water. Wastes would be piped to the saltwater sinkhole to help fuel the moon's metabolism and keep the environment clean. No wood fires whatsoever would be allowed. Smoke inside the crystal canopy could not be safely tolerated. Individual couples would have their choice of available building materials; however, no living trees would be cut for any reason. Dead or fallen trees could be utilized for any purpose. Couples would also choose their own homesites, but no homes would be closer than 1/4 mile for the sake of privacy.

Each couple could have their own personal power supply and the responsibility of its maintenance. The New Hope's eccentric design incorporated more than two hundred fusion generators! Various structures and onboard systems could be disassembled for necessary materials when her shields and life-support finally failed. She would be salvaged completely and no part of her would go to waste.

The men planned to present these stipulations and reasons for them to the women at the end of the coming meal. They would then take a majority vote.

By the time the men arrived, the industrious women had prepared most of the food and arranged it buffet-style. Warm fellowship abounded, despite the lack of names. Everyone chatted casually over a wide range of subjects during the combined clean-up effort.

Abe and Babe suggested that their friends arrange themselves in a large circle to present the upcoming business. Goldclaw and Amber perched silently on Abe's shoulders, scanning the crowd with piercing eyes while he stated the reasons for the procedures and absolutes discussed previously by the men. The women listened attentively, occasionally asking their respective mates for clarification on some points. New subjects concerning specific duties, government, ecology, geology, language, weather (or the absence of such), geography, biology, botany, special hazards of the environment and composition of their solar system were initiated by the inquisitive women. People of old Earth would simply be amazed by the astronomical level of combined intelligence spotlighted within this circle of reason. Voting on the various issues proved unanimous on all counts. The unified citizens of Hydrocryst were in total sync with one another and all for the righteous benefit of the whole.

The Hydrocrystians (as they preferred to call themselves) eventually formed the "Circle Of Intellect" as the primary governing body. Everyone had an equal vote with the exception of two members. Abe and Babe were unanimously voted to control two votes apiece and to head the circle in places of honor designated as the "Seats Of Wisdom", for they were familiar with the rash of problems which had contributed to the ultimate destruction of their home planet. They also became known as the "Founders of Hydrocryst".

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