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About "Hidden Perfection"

Defender's "Moon Madness"
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Defender's "Hidden Perfection"
Chapter 13 - Glorious Reunion,
Copyrightę 1992-2006 By:
Larry K. Hockman, "All RIGHTS RESERVED"

Glorious Reunion

The New Hope, safe and protected, Babe had opted to sleep, trying to pass the long hours. The preceding events had induced more physical strain on her feminine frame than she had anticipated. She had thoughtfully set the alarm to awaken her after eight hours. Babe wished to be conscious then, even if external vision was impossible inside the dark crater. Between herself and the computer, calculations suggested that Abe might safely vacate the interior by that time.

Inside the crater, the scanners provided conflicting measurements of the magnetic storm. Calculating when the blackout would end and the shuttle might be fully functional proved impossible.

Back on Hydrocryst, Abe was awakened prematurely by the eagles. The cramped cabin of the shuttle allowed minimal room for them to stretch their massive wings. Abe decided to let them outside while he checked the radiation level. With the starboard lights on, they soared upward in concise circles, flying into the constant light rain. Abe mentally noted the lower level of interior heat.

Inside, Abe activated the primitive sensor and was elated at the total absence of harmful radiation! He figured Earth's moon must have disintegrated instead of violently exploding on the hotter sun as predicted. Hastily, he dismantled the instrument and replaced the electronic components he had pirated from the shuttle's control systems. With a single touch of the switch, all functions lighted with restored life.

Abe whistled for the speedy return of his friends. They were finally safe to leave the hot, wet fissure at the ship's normal maximum speed on automatic pilot. With the birds inside and the coordinates locked in, the craft lifted, spun 180 degrees, and started its acceleration en route toward the base camp. Abe had decided to drop off the eagles there. They would be able to limber up their wings at their leisure and casually explore the narrow band of airspace.

Abe had programmed the scanners to record a data videotape of the terrain encountered on the journey out. The tape would further enlighten Babe and himself on the diversity of Hydrocryst. He already knew the filtered sunlight would gradually return while streaking up from the obscure depths of the interior. Abe fed the eagles the remaining rations and drifted into a restless nap for the hour and a half the shuttle needed to reach the base camp.

The napping pilot was still asleep when the ship lightly touched down and abruptly shut itself off. His female eagle brought him back to reality with a gentle tap of the meat-hook on the end of her beak. She was anxious to get out of the confining cockpit. Abe pointed up to the large, overhanging limb above the tent dome. The birds flew gracefully up and away, but Abe was confident they would obediently return to the perch at his commanding whistle.

Once again, the shuttle roared to life. Its only program for autopilot was to safely navigate through Rainbow Falls and then return the controls back to manual mode. Abe could easily seek out the New Hope with merely the aid of the sensitive scanners. The massive metallic hull should register even below ground level. He intended to surprise his cherished mate if he could catch her sleeping. Should she be awake; however, his playful, mischievous thoughts would surely be intercepted and reveal his intentions.

With the roar of the mighty falls fading quickly to his rear, Abe shut down the computer, kicked in the extra generator, and nosed the craft toward the Dead Planet at breakneck speed. He should arrive to the dark side in roughly one hour.

The smooth silhouette of the lifeless planet cast its sinister shadow across the cockpit windows. Abe decided he would perform a "listening" session to assess his precious mate's disposition. He allowed the shuttle to silently coast through the vacuum of the starlit sky while purging his mind and body. The intense, helpless phase of the procedure no longer annoyed him, and the entire sequence became easier with each successive try. Babe would be pleased with his proliferation in her new "art". The same warm, loving, peaceful feeling bathed his fatigued body once again. He found he could bask in this wonderful realm of serenity as long as his heart desired. His mate must be special indeed, since it was only her own essence of life responsible for his tranquil feeling of positive life.

Abe noted the direction in which the profound glory of his mate emanated and applied only half power to the small ship. The scanners indicated the New Hope rested two miles below the bleak horizon at a distance of twenty-one miles. His destination would be attained within a matter of minutes.

Abe sensed from his previous listening experience that Babe was involved in deep sleep. The simple fact pleased him immensely. She had either miscalculated or inadvertently overslept. Abe smiled as he realized the latter probably fit the scenario. He returned control of the shuttle to automatic and programmed it to seek out the metallic structure of the New Hope's hull.

Scarcely a minute later, the craft decelerated, plunging sharply down into a cavernous crater which was shielded with darkness. Steadily slowing, the shuttle touched down gently beside the bulk of the larger vessel. To keep the main airlock security alarm from revealing his presence to Babe, Abe donned a pressurized climate suit equipped with a remote oxygen supply and trotted toward the manual airlock located on the belly of the great ship.

Entering quietly, Abe grinned broadly as the protective suit fell to his feet. Babe's intricate thoughts revealed she was dreaming about surprising him with an unforgettable evening of leisure entertainment upon his safe return. The surprise, he thought, was to be his. Walking on silent, bare feet, he cautiously made his way to their ample living quarters. He was genuinely amazed at the note casually dangling from the conventional doorknob on a pink, silk ribbon! It literally warmed his weary heart and soul. Abe knew for certain he had been right about Babe's extra sleep. He was also inclined to think the indiscretion had been a calculated product of purpose. The fragrant invitation was short and sweet. It read;

Dearest Abe,
Should you arrive before I wake,
Feel my love and my body take!
I LOVE YOU, . . Forever,

Gingerly, Abe opened the door and crept softly inside. The sheer, natural beauty of his astounding mate excited and pleased his inner self. Babe remained unconsciously involved within the same dream, but it had escalated to the supreme height of making love, producing an intense, glorious smile across the soft features of her lovely face.

Evidently, the single rose bush she had painstakingly nurtured in her botanical garden had finally bloomed profusely, for Babe had scattered pastel pink petals graciously on the floor and across the warm waterbed, seductively framing her nude body within a background of her favorite pale pink color.

Babe was a classic example of a truly beautiful woman. Her luxurious, long blonde hair politely caressed the senses, and the voluptuous lines of her petite body were as a stately, exquisite work of masterful, arcane art. Her only adornments consisted of a dainty , pink ribbon bow-tied gracefully around the flowing curve of her left thigh. Abe smiled in admiration at Babe's preemptive thoughtfulness. He pondered momentarily on how he would awaken her. He undressed without a sound. Gently kissing her ear, he deftly pulled the bow simultaneously.

Without a word and eyes tightly closed, Babe kissed Abe passionately while urgently pulling him down to her. The couple made marvelous love for hours on end, vividly recounting the long, lonely days of their untimely separation in stages of intermittent pillow-talk. Their glorious reunion left them totally exhausted, but in a state of ecstatic exhilaration. Fondly locked in loving embrace, they slept soundly for many restful hours.

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