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KIOSKEN: Extensive Worldwide Newspaper Directory

YOU Asked For It! (10-31-06) It has come to my attention that some of our ladies in or from other countries would like to have the news or advertise in THEIR country's newspapers in THEIR original LANGUAGE. Advertise, cure homesickness or just get your news. If the paper you wish has an online presence, they will add it to their database. Presently, they comprise 213 countries. Click the baner below:

1 America Mall FREE Classifieds
Free ad for 10 days; only one ad per person; your email address is the hot link they use. Cannot edit after you post
1st Image Mall Classifieds 10/05/02
Very extensive category list. Can place one ad at a time but no limit to the number of ads you can post. Time running of ads can be 1 week to 4 weeks.
1st Place Classified Ads 10/05/02
Free ads of 3 lines, paid ads of 6 lines. Good variety of categories. No limit number found on number of ads you can place.
1st Treasures FREE Hi-Traffic Ad Sites 10/05/02
High traffic ad site. Can post one ad in up to 3 categories at a time. Not limit on number of ads seen.
5 Star UK
One ad per person for 10 days on the free ad
Ablewise Free Online Classifieds2 09/29/02
Advertise in a variety of categories in 7 countries. 30 day runtime.
Ad Track
A Free signup Classified ad site with your ad constantly on top. You could constantly change your ad and still leave it on top.
Aisa's Marketplace
Email will be your hot link says no html in your message but have seen people put hot liknks in message. Could post every day.
Alana Jordan Publishing
14 day free ad - one ad per person
Free ad no time limit; message board style; could post every day; listing is like an FFA page.
A-Z Free Classifieds
Free ad for 30 days; allows 2 ads per person; 350 characters or no more than 9 lines; will put on added services for a fee.

BestMall Classifieds
Variety of categories, no time limits given
Black Hole Free Classifieds
7 days, can put in all categories at once, put in search works i.e work at home
Costa Blanca Free Ads
Excellent site could put in more than one.
Commerce Corner's Free Classified
Submit any ad you want. Can post from 1 week to 1 year. Place as many ads as you want.
Classified Ad Posting - Murrin Publishing
In the title section put in what category you want it in and the email where you want the confirmation sent to.
Classifieds For Free
Requires you to register for their service and be able to edit/delete your ad. Excellent Site Variety of categories. No Time Limits. Posts by state and category.
Classified Matrix
A Free signup with your ad always on top. A very unique concept in having your own classified ad page.
Clockwatchers' Classifieds
Ad stays for 15 days then you must repost. Use only email link and the ad is free. Several categories.

Dunway Enterprises Free Classifieds
30 days, can put in all appropriate categories at once, put in search works i.e work at home
Earn To Shop Classified Ads
30 days, one category at a time, put in search works where requested i.e work at home
EdWolfe Classifieds10/01/02
A very wide variety of categories. Deals with Pittsburg area and other locations.
EW Trade BBS-Import Export-China 10/02/02
One category for opportunity listing. Repost every 14 days.
Flanagan Ent Classifieds
Have to search for free ads
A very unique concept in owning your own classified ad page for FREE.
Free 10/02/02
You can place your ad in 3 categories at once. Ad runs for a month. No limit to how many different ads you can place totally.
Free Intl Classified Ads700 10/02/02
A headline listing area. Can repost every day or sooner. Ads move down on the listing fast in this type of service. ***Use id tracker in your ad to see if it is worth it on this type of site.
Globalfront Free Classifieds
7 days, can put in all categories at once, put in search works i.e work at home
Goldsmith Free Classifieds 10/03/02
No time limit given for ads. A wide variety of categories.
Hometown USA Classifieds 10/03/02
Ad types we do not accept: Dating Personals, Commercial, Work at Home, Get Rich Quick, or any ads not appropriate for family viewing. Categorized by state. 30 days to repost. No limit given on number of ads.

IBC Classified Ads
2 ads per month free. The ads will run for a week each placed both
IBMPS Classifieds 10/03/02
Several categories. No size or time limits on ads.
I Love AC Classifieds 10/03/02
Variety of categories. Have to repost every 30 days. No limit on number of ads you can post found.
Indianapolis Classifieds700 10/03/02
Free ads are limited to 5 ads per person running at any one time. Time for ads tro run is 30 days.
IndyShopper Classifieds 10/03/02
One free ad per person per 30 day period.
Infopoint Classifieds 10/03/02
Can post multiple ads. No limit given. Ads run for 2 weeks. Wide variety of categories and subcategories.
Inside China Classifieds-China 10/02/02
Variety of categories. No posting limits mentioned. One of the better China classified sites.
In Vancouver Classifieds-Canada 10/03/02
Each ad will be posted for four weeks. Ads will be posted within a few days, please be patient! Many Categories
I Thailand Web Guide 10/03/02
Variety of categories. No limits found. Ad is posted in one to 2 weeks. No ad running time limits given.

Jenal Mall Classifieds
A few categories. No limit on number of ads you can run.
JLA Free Classifieds
One ad per entry. Good for two months free

Lewisville Online Classifieds
Variety of categories. No restrictions viewed.
Lynx Direct Classifieds
30 days, can put in all appropriate categories at once, put in search works i.e work at home

Majon's Cybermall Classified Ads
7 day limit one ad at a time
Metro Online Classifieds-New Zealand 10/08/02
Very wide variety of categories. 7 day minimum run time. No restrictions on number of ads found. Can pay $5 to keep your ad on top of the list.
Mid North Coast IntClassifieds-Australia 10/08/02
ONLY AVAILABLE for Australia MidCoast Users. No limit found on number of ads you can post.
MJB Internet Resources 10/05/02
Wide variety of categories. No limit on ads you can place. 10/05/02
Many categories. Can only place one ad at a time. Other Free services include FFA submission to their links pages. Also, you can log your FFA page into their submission system. Don't have your own FFA page CLICK HERE! and look to see how you can get your own free FFA page.
SmallBizFFA -
Get your classified ad on 10,000's of websites for FREE! Also when someone posts to your page your ad gets sent to them 5 times SPAM-FREE! An FFA-Classified Site with many free extras.
Vom Classifieds 10/02/02
Even if you don't have an item for sale you can put in an ad about your opportunity at this time or free information. Ads removed once a week. Repost

Washington, D.C. Registry Classified Ads
Wide variety of categories. Easy to post ads to various categories. Has affiliate program.
Wave3 Tech Classifieds
30 free days, one category at a time, put in search works i.e work at home